Superior Performance - SIMfix LP

Highest performance even under extreme mechanical load

The SIMFix® LP is a new RF connector for mobile radio applications and is characterised by excellent PIM values and easy assembly. In addition, the SIMFix® LP is extremely robust and waterproof, so that it can withstand extreme weather conditions, such as storms, hail or heat, while still ensuring very stable behaviour in terms of intermodulation and return loss. This makes the connector particularly suitable for outdoor applications in mobile, government or military radio where a very low PIM level is required.

The SIMFix® LP can be mounted safely, easily and quickly with the help of the matching removal tool. The connector is designed for 1/2" corrugated cable and is used at the interface to equipment such as antennas or remote radio units.

Quick and easy assembly

The connector is easily and quickly assembled with only two prefabricated components. In addition, there are no loose O-rings or other small parts that can easily get lost.
Only one special tool is absolutely recommended for assembly - the cable preparation set-down tool. This tool ensures a flawless, quick and, in the end, reliable assembly that allows for very low PIM values. Other tools (see instructions) facilitate assembly and are also recommended for installation, in addition to standard tools such as open-end spanners or knives.

Assembly Video: