The focus of the free series of lectures are current topics with different focuses from office to data centers to FTTH. We will inform you about the current status of standardization, explain how you can take its requirements into account in tenders and what needs to be considered during implementation. In order to leave enough time for your specific questions, we keep the number of participants to a smaller extent. Guest speakers contribute their practical experience in the planning and implementation of a wide variety of projects.

Focus Topic 2024: Smart Solutions for Smart Buildings

This year we will take a closer look at the following topics:


  • Cabling solutions for space-critical applications
  • digital ceiling
  • Fiber to the home
  • Proof of the quality of cabling routes
  • optimal infrastructure for IT applications
  • current status of standardization - an update

We are pleased to have even more partners at our side this year, who will round off the topics with their know-how. 


Schedule 2024

February, 20th , 2024       |  Rostock
May, 16th, 2024                |  Dresden Airport
May, 28th, 2024                |  Eschborn
June, 18th, 2024               |  Freiburg
September, 5th, 2024       |  Berlin
September 10th, 2024     |  Jena
September, 12th, 2024     |  Recklinghausen
September, 17th, 2024     |  Hamburg
September, 25th, 2024     |  Fulda
October, 08th, 2024          | Munich


with DEHN SE and Softing IT Networks

with DEHN SE and theben



Do you have any questions or would you like to register for an event? Are there any topics that are on your mind? We are happy to take up your questions directly in the preparation of the event. Write to us which topics are of particular interest and concern to you.

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