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09. July 2014 | Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH

Installation thrill for the data highway

(Steinenbronn) With a sophisticated "ready-to-install" concept, Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH offers proven products for convenient fiber optic cabling in houses, apartments and residential units. The quickly and easily installable Fiber-In-The-Home system contains pre-assembled FO outlets as well as FO wall distributors and patch­panels. Fitters can do the cabling quickly and conveniently. This enables the high transmission speeds that are already available in many cities to be integrated into the smallest of units.

"With our Fiber-In-The-Home system fitters can install fibre optic connections quickly and easily in houses, apartments and residential units," Falco Lehmann, Product Line Manager DataVoice Fiber Optic Solutions at Telegärtner, promises. The pre-assembled OAD/S FOC outlets require only a short visit to the residential unit. With the 19" FO patch panels, FO wall distributors and a micro splicing box belonging to the system, Telegärtner offers all the necessary units for conveniently setting up fiber optic connections in apartments. There is no longer any need for expensive splicing and measuring equipment.

Bringing the data highway to every room

With the "ready-to-install" concept, Telegärtner wants to further increase the distribution of FO cables in houses and apartments. "More and more broadband applications are demanding faster and faster networks," Lehmann stresses. With Triple Play (TV, telephone and Internet) via one connection, many applications with large data volumes are common practice today. Building companies and owners already see the fiber optic infrastructure in new building products as a competitive advantage for their sale and leasing. If the fiber optic cable is planned from the beginning and laid ingeniously simply from the street distributor into the house and over the floors through existing empty conduits, there is nothing stopping the superfast data highway in every room in an apartment.

Telegärtner products support fast and easy installation. The pre-assembled optical telecommunications connection unit (opt. TCU) OAD/S, for example, serves as a FO termination of the appropri­ate apartment or room cabling in FITH/FITB networks. A media converter transforms the optical signal into an electrical signal. The OAD/S outlet is equipped with two LC/APC duplex adaptors and pre-assembled with four LC/APC connectors. It is therefore prepared for assembly for accommodating Singlemode fibers. The FO cables are optionally 25, 50, 75 or 100 meters long. A metal laser protection shutter is also integrated in addition to the captive dust protection cap.  The dimensions of the cover cap and a height adjustment allow a designable combination with frames of the common switch series as surface-mounted or flush installation.


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With a "ready-to-install" concept within the scope of the Fiber-In-The-Home program, Telegärtner increases the distribution of fiber optic cables in houses and apartments.

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Transmission technology with a wide product range

Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH, founded in 1945, is an internationally operative full provider of professional solutions in connection and transmission technology and is one of the most important manufacturers. Their portfolio includes HF coaxial connectors, network solutions for structured building cabling and modular programs in the industrial and fiber optic sector. The Telegärtner Group recently achieved sales of 90 million Euros with a 590-strong workforce in five countries.


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