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30. July 2015 | Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH

40 % less space required

(Steinenbronn) A new Mini HD-BNC 75 Ω connector from Telegärtner needs 40 % less plugging space for optimum transmis­sion quality. This is the manufacturer's response to market demands for increasingly higher packing density and lower weight of all components. With the robust Mini HD-BNC con­nector, Telegärtner enables u­sers to enter a new dimension in video signal transmission technology. Good re­turn loss values, low contact resis­tance and high pressing forces ensure reliable signal transmission.

"Market surveys confirm the trend towards less and less installation space or greater functionality. Our new Mini HD-BNC connector quadruples the packing density," Alexey Ermak, Coax Product Manager at Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH underlines. 40 % less space and a much lower weight meet central market requirements. With robust materi¬al, high signal quality and special attenuation tech¬nology, the new product is also convincing in all its functions.

36 connectors instead of 9 within the same space

Space and weight is a major factor especially in broadcasting vans or mobile studios. For applications in plug panels and patch panels on which many connections are used in matrix form within a limited space, the new Mini HD-BNC 75 Ω connector enables four times the packing density in comparison to the standard BNC. Where for example previously nine standard BNC plugs were contacted, there is now room for 36 of the new Mini HD-BNC connectors. If only nine slots are needed, the plug panels and patch panels can be made much smaller in future. An important requirement for the Mini HD-BNC plug is its robustness. More windings or elements in the spring cage ensure greater stability under lateral load. The plug can be reliably locked with the familiar, safe bayonet catch. The new Mini HD-BNC connectors are therefore ideally equipped for rugged applications in studios and at events with live broadcasts.

Assuring signal quality for live broadcasts

Especially in such areas of application, the sig¬nal quality plays a decisive role in the selection of a connection. The new Mini HD-BNC achieves excellent values for re¬turn loss up to 4.5 GHz because the tolerance with regard to the impedance could be minimised to 75 Ω. It also meets the requirements for the common Serial Digital Interfaces (SDI). The user does not need to learn anything new to handle the Mini HD-BNC connector because it has the usual plug mechanism familiar from the standard BNC. The plug connector can be used with 8 and 9.5 mm diameter cables of the cable groups G2, G4, G41 and G27. They are connected to the cable by hex crimping as standard. In addition, connectors are offered for installation in housing walls. Telegärtner has developed a special tool to enable easier plugging and unplugging at high packing density. .

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The new Mini HD-BNC 75 Ω connector from Telegärtner needs 40 % less plugging space for optimum transmission quality. 

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Picture no. 70-02 TG_Steckfelder.jpg
Where nine standard BNC plugs were previously contacted, there is now room for 36 of the new Mini HD-BNC 75 Ω connectors from Telegärtner.

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Transmission technology with a wide product range

Founded in 1945, Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH is an internationally operative full provider of professional solutions in connection and transmission technology and is one of the most important manufacturers. Their portfolio includes HF coaxial connectors, network solutions for structured building cabling and modular programmes in the industrial and fibre optic sector.
The Telegärtner Group includes Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH, Telegärtner Kunststofftechnik, Telegärtner Elektronik GmbH, Telegärtner Gerätebau GmbH and Drahtex AG as well as the subsidiaries Telegärtner France SARL, Telegärtner UK Ltd., Telegärtner Slovakia A.S, Japan Telegärtner Ltd., Telegärtner Taiwan Co. Ltd. and Telegärtner Inc. in USA. The group recently achieved sales of 95 million Euros with a 620-strong workforce in five countries.


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