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23. May 2016 | Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH

TOC-FEM: Connects the things that belong together

(Steinenbronn) Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH has developed a new connection module for fiber optic lines. The new TOC-FEM connects new, existing and even damaged fiber optic cables reliably and safely. Users can expect a useful fiber optic connection module for building networks, industrial cabling or data distribution for indoor and outdoor use. Its applications range from building cabling with FTTH networks to mobile or industrial applications and security technology.

"With our new TOC-FEM, users can connect fiber optic lines reliably and easily anywhere. The options the module offers are as manyfold as the applications," promises Falco Lehmann, Product Line Manager Fiber Optic Solutions at Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH. The new TOC-FEM (Fiber Extension Module) connects preassembled fiber optic cables indoors or outdoors, even under harsh conditions. The robust metal housing of anodized aluminium safely and reliably protects the connection from environmental influences and mechanical strain. An elastic sealing insert makes it an ideal solution for both new installations as well as upgrades on location.

Huge variety of applications

The two-part housing with dust capscontains a fiber optic coupling and can accommodate cable diameters from 4.0 to 9.5 mm. Reliable sealings protect the connection from environmental influences, providing an IP67 rated protection. The new product developed by Telegärtner offers reliable protection in harsh environments for building cabling, mobile phone networks or industrial applications. It can also be used in the FTTH network in safety systems.

Everyday applications can also be covered, like connecting IP cameras to a building network or reconnecting machines or data distributors that have to be moved and their lines extended. It also comes in handy when new mobile radio antennas have to be connected to the existinglines. Connecting outdoor to indoor cables also becomes easy. The new fiber optic connection module is suitable for the new installation of devices and lines as well as for the repair of damaged fiber optic cables. The TOC-FEM is available with LC Duplex or MPO/MTP® couplings in single or multimode.

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Image no. 76-01 TG_TOC-TOC-FEM.jpg.
The new TOC-FEM connection module for fiber optic lines by Telegärtner connects new or existing,
even damaged fiber optic lines reliably and permanently.

Image no. 76-02 TG_TOC-FEM2.jpg.
The robust metal housing of galvanised aluminium safely and reliably protects the connection from environmental influences and mechanical strain.


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Transmission technology with wide range of products

Founded in 1945, Telegärtner is a globally operating end-to-end provider of professional solutions in connection and transmission technology, and is one of the largest manufacturers. Their product line includes HF coaxial plugs, network solution for structured building wiring and modular product lines in the industrial and fiber optic sectors.
The operating companies of the Telegärtner Group primarily include Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH, Telegärtner Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Telegärtner Elektronik GmbH, Telegärtner Gerätebau GmbH and Drahtex AG in Switzerland, Telegärtner France SARL in France, Telegärtner UK Ltd. in England, Telegärtner Slovakia A.S in Slovakia, Japan Telegärtner Ltd. in Japan, Telegärtner Taiwan Co. Ltd. in Taiwan, Telegärtner Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd in Singapore and Telegärtner Inc. in the USA. The group, with 700 employees worldwide, sees a global turnover of 100 million Euros annually.

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