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24. October 2014 | Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH

Thinking around corners – new MFP8 right-angled connector

 (Steinenbronn) Telegärtner has added a new version with a variable cable outlet to its product se­ries of RJ45 con­nectors for field assembly. The shielded connector MFP8-4x90 Cat. 6A allows locking of the cable outlet in four 90° steps. This can be released and changed later. Users get a highly flexible solution for cabling applications in office buildings, computer centres, industry and home. The new connector can be handled conveniently without special tools even in confined spaces thanks to its compact design.

"The installation or adaptation of existing net­works on site is even easier with our new right-angled connector, especially in confined spaces," Marcel Leonhard, Product Line Manager DataVoice Copper Solutions at Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH assures us. The new connector MFP8-4x90 Cat. 6A is a variant of the extremely successful MFP8 which additionally enables a right-angled cable outlet. The cable outlet can be locked in all four directions in 90° steps. This lock can be released and changed at any time. A long release lever enables simple plugging and removal even in confined spaces. The compact design makes the MFP8-4x90 Cat.6A multiport-capable.

Without special tools in confined spaces

The new connector with the standard RJ45 plug face is installed without spe­cial tools very quickly and reliably with a number of common cable types in the office, industry and home. A practical 4-cham­ber wire management with piercing contacts for solid and stranded conductors as well as an assembly aid support error-free assembly. The 360° shield ensures secure data transmission even under external electrical interference.

The multiport-capable MFP8-4x90 Cat.6A with the standard-conformant plug face in accordance with IEC 60603-7-51 is available in the colour-coded versions T568A, T568B and PROFINET and with transfer rates up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet is also PoE+ capable. In addition, it meets the specifications for an RJ45 plug in accordance with IEC 60603-7-51 up to 500 MHz and the specifications of a test free connector in the critical inner pair 3-6/4-5.

The cable strain relief for cable diameters of 5.5 to 10.0 mm is suitable for the 2 and 4-pair, shielded cable types with copper inner conductor AWG26/1–22/1 and AWG27/7–22/7 as well as AWG26/19-22/19 common on the market. With the quick and easy assembly without special tools, existing cable material can be assembled at any time in the field as required in the desired length and a point-to-point connection established without a junction box. The wires are contacted by pressing together the wire managers with simple pliers.

First connect then turn in the desired direction

An integrated assembly aid protects the board and skin piercing contacts. The robust zinc die-­cast housing as well as the fitted protective cap protect the contact of the plug face reliably against dust and dirt until com­missioning.

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Photo no. 67-01 TG_MFP8-4X90.jpg
The new, shielded connector MFP8-4x90 Cat. 6A from Telegärtner allows locking of the cable outlet in four 90° steps.


Photo no. 67-02 TG_MFP8-gewinkelt.jpg.
The new right-angled connector with the standard RJ45 plug face can be installed in no time.

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