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28. January 2015 | Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH

Fit for the future with new, modular FO wall distributor from Telegärtner

(Steinenbronn) Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH launches a new wall distributor for Fiber Optic connections. With the new product, the company relies on maximal flexibility for connecting fibre optic cables for present and future optical networks. The FO cables can be inserted via four ca­ble inlets and up to 120 fibres can be spliced. Sophisticated detail solutions as well as the choice of different front pa­nels allow fast and  flexible use of the new wall distributor.

"The requirements for optical wall distributors are becoming increasingly varied and demand­ing," Falco Lehmann, Product Line Manager Fiber Optic Solutions at Telegärtner explains. With the new, modular equipable FO wall distributor, Telegärtner promises a solution for present and future optical networks. The compact and robust steel housing is divided into two sections with separately lockable swing doors for inlets and outlets. FO cables with a diameter of up to 20 mm with metric screw glands can be fixed in the housing by means of two cable inlets each at the top and bottom. The distributor can be equipped variably with four differ­ent 3 HU/7 TU front plates. A total of 48 FO simplex or duplex couplers can be accommodated in the distributor. Mixed equipment with different types of couplers of fibres is possible through separated front plates.

Ready for optical networks of the future

 The future demands more and more solutions for splicing fiber optics in office, industry, mobile radio or FTTH cablings reliably and individually to the desired network re­quirements. To reliably enable different appli­cations by means of fiber optic connections, the distributor housings must be both robust on the one hand and enable simple access for installation and maintenance on the other hand. The newly developed and presented wall distributor from Telegärtner is designed in IP30 type of protection and is quick to install.

The housing has two doors with different locks for cable lay­ing and patch cable outlet. The splicing area is therefore protected against un­wanted access. The FO patch cables exit the housing at the top and bottom. Foam rubber strips prevent foreign bodies from penetrating the housing. With compact dimensions of 390 x 260 x 100 mm the new FO wall distributor from Telegärtner provides an ideal solution for buildings in which existing and new transmission technology need to be combined.

Connecting different buildings or applications

Customised solutions such as the connection of hybrid Power & FO cables in mobile radio or the accommodation of active media converters for FTTH/B networks in the BEP (Building Entry Point) are adapted project-specifically to the respective network requirements by Telegärtner on demand.

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Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH launches a new wall distributor for fiber optic connections in which FO cables can be inserted via four cable inlets and a total of up to 120 fibres can be spliced.

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Transmission technology with a wide product range

Founded in 1945, Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH is an internationally operative full provider of professional solutions in connection and transmission technology and is one of the most important manufacturers. Their portfolio includes HF coaxial connectors, network solutions for structured building cabling and modular programmes in the industrial and fibre optic sector.
The Telegärtner Group includes Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH, Telegärtner Kunststofftechnik, Telegärtner Elektronik GmbH, Telegärtner Gerätebau GmbH and Drahtex AG as well as the subsidiaries Telegärtner France SARL, Telegärtner UK Ltd., Telegärtner Slovakia A.S, Japan Telegärtner Ltd., Telegärtner Taiwan Co. Ltd. and Telegärtner Inc. in USA. The group recently achieved sales of 95 million Euros with a 620-strong workforce in five countries.


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