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13. November 2017 | Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH

New universal distribution panel saves space

(Steinenbronn) With the new HD³ distribution system Telegärtner introduces a universal distribution panel that accepts a huge variety of different cabling media as needed. Modules for fiber optic, twisted pair and coaxial cables for on-site installation and for the use of pre-terminated cables can be individually and space-efficiently combined in the HD3 distribution system. Moreover, the modules can be exchanged at any time. Data centre operators and telecommunication providers specially value being prepared for future changes and challenges. And everyone appreciates the simplified storage as less parts are needed.

"Our new modular HD3 is virtually the 'Universal' distribution system," emphasizes Dirk Traeger, Technical Solutions Manager DataVoice at Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH. Modules for fiber optic, twisted pair and coaxial cables can be mixed almost in any form in Telegärtner's new modular HD3distribution system. Especially in data centres and large server rooms, the individual and space-efficient placement helps to save precious space. In case of technological changes that are common practice in the IT world and in communication technology, modules can be easily replaced at any time. Oversized distributors with empty slots are a thing of the past.

Combining different modules for efficient networks

The new 19" panel is available in ½, 1 and 3 HU versions. It can be loaded with different modules from the front as well as from the back. Recessed mounting is also possible in the cabinet. Fiber optic modules are available with adaptors for breakout cables, with an integrated splice cassette and as FanOut modules with rear MPO/MTP® connection. Category 6A and category 8.1 RJ45 modules are available for twisted pair cabling as well as a variety of different connector types for coax.

The new Telegärtner distributor offers even many more user-friendly benefits: A toollessly removable cable guide, a multi purpuse rail for easy cable routing and strain relief as well as mounting brackets simplify the daily work. Electrically conductive surfaces for low-impedance grounding and bondingpotential compensation and a connection bar for grounding and bonding cables increase functional reliability.

Cost-effective simplified stock

As one panel can house a nearly any combination of modules, stock can be simplified. The only thing needed for virtually any application is the new HD3 distributor by Telegärtner. This pleases not only electrical installers but controllers as well.

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New at Telegärtner: The modular distribution system HD3 can optionally be equipped with modules for fiber optic, twisted pair and coaxial cables.


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Transmission technology with wide range of products

Founded in 1945, Telegärtner is a globally operating end-to-end provider of professional solutions in connection and transmission technology, and is one of the largest manufacturers. Their product line includes HF coaxial plugs, network solution for structured building wiring and modular product lines in the industrial and fiber optic sectors.
The operating companies of the Telegärtner Group primarily include Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH, Telegärtner Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Telegärtner Elektronik GmbH, Telegärtner Gerätebau GmbH and Drahtex AG in Switzerland, Telegärtner France SARL in France, Telegärtner UK Ltd. in England, Telegärtner Slovakia A.S in Slovakia, Japan Telegärtner Ltd. in Japan, Telegärtner Taiwan Co. Ltd. in Taiwan, Telegärtner Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd in Singapore and Telegärtner Inc. in the USA. The group, with 650 employees worldwide, generates a global turnover of 100 million Euro.

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