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The upcoming 5G mobile networks will transmit an unprecedented amount of data. High-definition videos, virtual reality, the Internet of Things, and autonomous driving will generate data volumes that cannot be handled by conventional technologies. At the same time, the demands on future mobile networks and the connectors used are becoming ever higher in terms of performance, reliability and size.

To ensure that these can be met - today and in the future - Telegärtner offers a broad portfolio of compact, high-performance and robust 5G-capable products that function reliably under extreme conditions. In addition to our proven, field-mountable SIMFix® connectors, adapters of all types, jumper cables in any length and the G38 series surge arresters, this also includes passive DAS components and FTTA cables.

Product solutions for mobile communications have been developed and manufactured at Telegärtner for more than 75 years and extensively tested in the state-of-the-art RF laboratory.

Network Coverage in Buildings

Coverage is critical when it comes to mobile networks. This goes for all types of architecture, from macrocells to microcells and from small cells to picocells. As the majority of wireless communication takes place inside buildings, guaranteeing transmission even in large buildings such as shopping centres and office complexes is a particular challenge, especially with the added demands of 5G. For this purpose, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance and reliable transmission components as well as intelligent cabling solutions for e.g. Distributed Antenna Systems, Small Cells or WLAN.


Product Overview

Mobile Communication OEM Solutions

Ever-increasing amounts of data have made further developments of global mobile networks essential. Above all, the development of 5G – the next generation of mobile communications – is creating new and more diverse tasks for the mobile communications industry. Telegärtner has developed the Cell IQ family to easily meet these challenge – today and in the future. This family is comprised of three products: the field-proven 4.3-10 series standard, the compact and robust 2.2-5 series solution and the 1.5-3.5 series which already helps you take the next step into the future of connection technology. These products cover the complete spectrum of MCO requirements and deliver maximum power in any size.

The portfolio is rounded off by the Nex10 connector series, which is particularly suitable for small cell applications due to its compact size.


Portfolio Overview Cell IQ and NEX10®

Portfolio Overview Cell IQ and NEX10

The Industry Standard

Due to their compact design these connectors do justice to the miniaturisation of mobile radio network components and fulfill the specifications for 5G applications.

Despite their size, compared to the traditional 7-16 series, the connectors guarantee excellent return loss and passive intermodulation performance (PIM) levels. In addition, the new connector series is very variable, since one universal cable jack is suitable for mating with three different cable plug designs.

Highest RF-Power in Class

The 2.2-5 series has adopted the successful concept of 4.3-10 and reduced the size accordingly. While the 4.3-10 typically require the same installation space as the classic N-connector, the 2.2-5 are satisfied with the standard installation dimensions of the TNC series.

Despite the significant reduction in dimensions and weight, optimal for 5G applications, the Series 2.2-5 has comparable electrical and thermoclimatic characteristics to the Series 4.3-10, and can be used both indoors and outdoors with corrugated sheathed cables up to the common 1/2” types.

Best Size-Power-Ratio in the Market

The 1.5-3.5 series enables a robust and PIM stable design in the smallest space. The space requirements for a typical 4 hole flange jack are only either 15 × 9.7 mm or 12.7 × 12.7 mm. Therefore the 1.5-3.5, based on the SMA form factor, requires around 47% less space than the 2.2-5 series and 75 % less space than the 4.3-10 series.

Hand in hand with the size and material reduction, there is also a cost and weight reduction, meaning this series is ideal for 5G small cell applications. Despite the small size, low loss cables up to 1/4” can be used.

The Mobile Radio Connector

The NEX10®* series completes Telegärtner's portfolio of mobile radio connectors. The cost-effective connector is particularly suitable for 5G mobile radio applications with permanent connections and applications with unproblematic climatic conditions. 

In addition to connectors for cables and devices, Telegärtner offers a broad range of jumper cables that are manufactured in Europe. 


* produced under license.

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