Extensions, Reroutings, Repairing

Existing connections and distributors frequently need to be moved due to changes in the functions of rooms, reorganisation of office space or relocation of machines and plants. The connected cables therefore have to be re-laid often too.

What happens when one or more cables are damaged when re-laying or it is discovered that they are too short for the new plans? An efficient, space-saving connection module solves the problem economically and saves the user time-consuming, cost-intensive re-cabling.

A connection module that can be installed easily with manageable costs and, most importantly, will not impair the performance of the cabling, solves the problem effectively and economically - especially when one universal module type can be used for a large number of different applications and ambient conditions. Such a module is suitable not only for lengthening cable lines but is also ideal for professional repairs to damaged cables.

Applications in the outdoor area or production facilities

Schematic diagram of cable extension from distributor to surveillance camera

Cable extension at the transition from internal to external cabling


Schematic representation of the connection module between distributor and robot

Cable rerouting in case of change of production facilities


Telegärtner Connection modules

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Single or in Bundles

The times when bulky components took up a lot of space for cable extensions are over. Now, space-saving versions are available with a slim design which allows not only single cables but also whole bundles to be extended without problems. Versions for 19" installation in rugged wall-mounted housings and with mounting rail adapters for fitting onto DIN rails are also available, for example, in electrical distributors.


Diagram of cable rerouting between control cabinets

Cable rerouting


Diagram of a cable extensions between control cabinet and junction boxes

Cable extensions


Diagram of a repair of a defective cable between junction box and mounting rail

Damaged cables


Connection Module VM-Pro 8-8

The connection module VM-Pro 8-8 Class  FA IP67 offers transmission properties up to Class  FA acc. to ISO/IEC 11801 and is suitable for installation and patch cables with 8 wires. Shielded and unshielded cables with solid and stranded conductors of AWG27-22 type and outer diameter of 5.5 - 9.0 mm can be connected with the VM-Pro 8-8 Class  FA IP67. Due to its compact shape the connection module is suitable for use in confined spaces.

Assembly of the VM-Pro 8-8 Class  FA IP67 connection module requires no special tools and is completed in a few steps. The mechanical stability, the insulated structure and the protection against external influences enables versatile use of the VM-Pro 8-8 Class  FA (1000 MHz) IP67 for laying and repairing cables in building, residential and industrial building cabling.

The IP67 connection module is shielded, insulated by the plastic screw glands, safe from manipulation and enables reliable strain relief.


Performance Characteristics

  • Class FA (1000 MHz)
  • real-time re-embedded
  • suitable for shielded and unshielded horizontal cables and cords
  • accepts solid and stranded wires
  • touch-safe design
  • electrically isolated housing (insulation resistance 30 x 10¹² Ω)
  • IDC contacts
  • wire size AWG 27 – AWG 22
  • wire diameter: 0.85 mm – 1.6 mm
  • cable diameter: 5.5 mm – 9.0 mm
  • twisted pairs can be brought up to the IDC contacts without untwisting
  • EMC save according to EN 61000-6-1 and EN 61000-6-2
  • suitable for 4PPoE according to IEEE 802.3bt
  • temperature range: -40 °C – +85 °C
  • IP67 rated
  • can be reconnected up to four times

Connection Module Cat.7A

The VM 8-8 modules Cat.7are applied as connections /extensions of commercially available, shielded/unshielded twisted-pair installation cables (Cat.5e/Cat.6/Cat.6A/Cat.7/ Cat.7A) in the following applications: damaged cables, cable extensions, cable rerouting.

When VM 8-8 Cat.7modules are used, the cable segments in a structured wiring system do not need to be laid out again. This reduces the expenses for alterations and the overall costs to a minimum. Depending on the connection module type, up to 12 incoming and 12 outgoing 8-wire cables can be permanently connected together without any significant reduction in the transmission characteristics or any limitation of the maximum link lengths.

Multi 12x VM 8-8 Cat.7A Product image

Multi 12x VM 8-8 Cat.7A

19“ 1/2 HU multi connection module for 12 shielded and unshielded installation cables


Multi 6x VM 8-8 Cat.7A Product image

Multi 6x VM 8-8 Cat.7A

Multi connection module Cat.7A for wall mounting for 6 shielded and unshielded installation cables e.g. as consolidation point


VM 8-8 Cat.7A product image

VM 8-8 Cat.7A

Single connection module for shielded and unshielded installation cables, also with mounting rail adaptor


Performance Characteristics

  • Connecting hardware Cat.7A (1000 MHz)
  • real-time re-embedded
  • suitable for shielded and unshielded horizontal cables with solid wires
  • colour coding T568A and T568B
  • LSA Plus IDC contacts soldered into a common printed circuit board
  • wire size AWG 26/1 – AWG 22/1
  • wire diameter: 0.7 mm – 1.6 mm
  • cable diameter: 5.5 mm – 9.0 mm
  • suitable for 4PPoE according to IEEE 802.3bt
  • twisted pairs can be brought up to the IDC contacts without untwisting
  • reliable shield contact with screw-type terminals directly on the printed circuit board
  • grounding connection directly on the printed circuit board (M4 screw)
  • EMC save according to EN 61000-6-1 and EN 61000-6-2
  • tool-less mounting of the cover made of stainless steel (19“ and wall-mount housing only)
  • temperature range: -40 °C – +70 °C
  • can be reconnected up to 50 times