Unlimited Possibilities in Fiber Optic Cabling

Wherever glass fiber connections have to be installed in a harsh environment - in offices, industry or  Fiber-to-the-Building/-Home customer access networks - high demands are made on the value and  flexibility of the distributor housing and easy access whilst installaton and maintenance.

The Telegärtner ODB 54 wall distributor enables you to solve various installation demands with one  product. Whether it will be used as splice storage or as distributor housing, there is enough space in the rugged plastic ODB 54 housing for accommodating up to 24 glass fiber ports. For application-specific requirements in which optical function elements such as PLC/FBT couplers or xWDM solutions also have to be installed in the glass fiber line, these can be fixed in a specially designed folding cassette.

Up to 24 cables can be installed in the IP54-protected patch cable input and output quickly, easily and flexibly later without impairing the optical function of those which already exist.

Types of Applications

In Fiber-to-the-Building/-Home Networks, the glass fibers have to be terminated and protected in the customer access area. There is also a demand for the use of different connectors and adaptors or xWDM solutions depending on the customer request.
The Telegärtner ODB 54 wall distributor easily meets these requirements.


Telegartner ODB 54 Brochure

All information can also be read in our brochure!

Technical data

Modular Patch Panel for max. 24 ports: SC, LC, E2000, ST

  • Protection class acc. to IEC 60529: IP54
  • Material: PC, IK 04
  • Dimensions: 250 x 200 x 56 mm
  • Colour: light grey, RAL 7035
  • Distribution plate: aluminium sheet 1.5 mm, anodized
  • Cable entry points: 2x M20 cable glands for cable with Ø 5 - 9 mm
  • Cable outlet: flexible, easy to install seal for up to max. 24 patch cords with Ø 1.8 - 2.8 mm

Swivel-Type Cassette for easy assembly & maintenance

  • Number of splices: max. 24 crimp splice protectors, max. 12 shrink splice protectors
  • Distribution plate Types: SC, LC, E2000, ST
  • Optional fixing of optical couplers (PLC/FBT) or xWDM (filter/FBT)
  • Labelling with 2 snap-fits and lead seal
  • Mounting of gas- or waterblocker for blow fiber system (optional)
  • Not included in delivery: splice protectors and holder
  • For TICNET cable-splitter ODS-Mini