Robust RF connectors for high-power transmitters

The RF connectors in the series SIMFix® are rugged, durable connectors for use in high performance transmitter applications. These connectors are waterproof and are suitable for external use. Furthermore, they are designed to provide excellent technical performance, especially concerning return loss and intermodulation.

The SIMFix® range includes RF connectors for terminating 1/4“, 1/2” flex, 1/2”, 7/8”, 1 1/2” and 1 5/8” sized corrugated cables.

Assembly for all sizes is simple and reliable, thus guaranteeing constantly good electrical performance with regard to return loss and intermodulation. Ease of termination of the cables has been greatly enhanced by the use of specially developed tooling, which allows for exact stripping of the corrugated cables in the shortest of time.

Available for different cable types

Cable type 1/2" FLEX
Cable type 1/2" FLEX
Cable type 7/8"
Cable type 1 1/4"
Cable type 1 5/8"
Cable types 1/4"

SIMFix® Pro - IP68: Waterproof with a high margin of safety

3-fold protection concept

Protection Step 1:
An O-ring on the outer jacket of the cable guarantees reliable protection against the ingress of water in normal applications of an undamaged cable.

Protection Step 2:
A special sealing to the outer conductor of the cable. Damage to the cable’s outer jacket poses the danger that water will enter the connector between the outer jacket and the outer conductor of the cable. This is prevented by the additional sealing.

Protection Step 3:
Barrier sealed by protective steps taken on centre contact. Massive destruction of the cable resulting in water ingress into the dielectric and possibly even into the inner conductor can destroy the following cable segment and even damage the base station, if water is able to seep through the connector.


Test report for jumper cables and SIMFix connectors.

Easy and fast assembly using special tools

Setting tool

Manual tool

  • Cutting the sheath, outer conduc - tor, dielectric and center conductor to size
  • Burr removal on the center conductor
  • Flaring the outer conductor
  • Screw for fine adjustment of the cutting depth
Rotary set-down tool

Rotating tool

  • For cable preparation with electric drill
  • Cutting the sheath, outer conduc - tor, dielectric, and inner conductor to size
  • Includes separate tooling for flaring and burr removal
Open mounting case

Termination tool set

  • Tool kit for 1 1/4“ and 1 5/8“ corrugated cable preparation and termination of connectors
  • Two empty extra pockets for adding 1/2“ and 7/8“ stripping tools