The vast product portfolio contains rail mount modules for 12 and 24 fibers with ST, SC and LC adaptors for  multimode OM1 to OM4 and singlemode OS2 fibers. These modules are available for breakout/mini-breakout cables, for pre-terminated cable assemblies and also with an integrated hinged Telekom splice cassette, pre-loaded with pigtails that are already stripped ready to be spliced. The adaptors are mounted at a 45 degree angle for optimum patching even with a minimum of space available.


The stackable, compact modules of 35 x 215 x 155 mm offer large fiber slack storage. Cables can enter the modules from the top, bottom, behind top and behind bottom and can be chosen on-site. The modules can be installed on DIN 60715 T35 mounting rails as well as on the wall.




  • Grow on demand thanks to modular concept
  • Space-saving design with modules sized 35 x 215 x 155 mm
  • Four different cable entries (top, bottom, top behind, bottom behind) for individual cable routing per module
  • Four knockouts for individual cable entries can be opened on site
  • Standardized M20 cable gland
  • Huge variety of different fiber optic modules for breakout/mini-breakout/pre-terminated cables and with integrated splice cassette and pre-installed pigtails stripped ready-to-splice 
  • Modules for 12 and 24 fibers 
  • Fiber types multimode OM1 to OM4 and singlemode OS2
  • Front plates with ST, SC duplex, LC duplex and LC Quad adapters
  • Couplers installed at a 45 degree angle for optimum patch cord routing
  • Integrated fiber bend radius support
  • Hinged splice cassette “System Telekom“ for easy access and comfortable working
  • Crimp, heat shrink and micro heat shrink splice protectors can be mixed in the same splice cassette 
  • All pigtails are tested individually 
  • Large fiber slack storage 
  • DIN rail mounting (TH35 according to DIN 60715) and wall-mounting possible 
  • No tools needed to add modules
  • Housing made of durable plastic, protection class IP30 for indoor applications
  • Temperature range from -5 to +55 °C 
  • Customer-specific solutions available on request

Modules and Accessories

For loose tube cables, with integrated splice cassette; pre-installed pigtails stripped ready-to-splice included.
Comes with one M20 cable gland for cables with an outer diameter of 5 – 9 mm.
Colour: Anthracite grey (similar to RAL 7016), front plates blue (similar to RAL 5017).
Please order splice holders and splice protectors separately.


For breakout and mini-breakout cables as well as for pre-terminated cables (TICNET).
Comes with one M20 cable gland for cables with an outer diameter of 5 – 9 mm.
Colour: Anthracite grey (similar to RAL 7016), front plates blue (similar to RAL 5017).
Please note: When configuring ready-to-install fiber optic links with the TICNET configurator, please select a uniform length of 0.7 m for all cable legs to ensure optimum cable routing.


For the completion of an individual module or a row of modules.
Colour: Anthracite grey (similar to RAL 7016).

For individual module configurations and for reliable and tight cable entry you get splice holder, splice protectors and cable glands.