Reliable protection in harsh environments

Whether cabling infrastructure for buildings or FTTH network, whether mobile communication or industrial application, whether security installations or smart grid – the small, robust distributor TOC ODB 68 protects fiber optic connections in harsh environments in indoor and outdoor applications. The strong, space-saving housing is UV stable and offers water and dust protection according to IP68. It can be installed on walls and ceilings, in floors and on poles.

The round housing makes sure the minimum bending radius of the cable slack is maintained and offers additional space for couplers, attenuators and splitters in WCM and FTTH networks.

The TOC ODB 68 is available as a splice case with splice cassettes and as a distributor for pre-assembled TICNET ready-toinstall fiber optic links. The version for the TICNET links comes with two special cable glands for torsion-free, dust and watertight entering.

As a universal product solution, the innovative TOC ODB 68 offers the versatility and flexibility needed in modern fiber optic networks.



Technical Data

Protection class acc. to IEC 60529:



Housing colour:

Cable entry points:

Cable diameter:

Number of splices:


Distribution plates:

Temperature range:

IP68, for indoor and outdoor use

PPE, UV-resistant, flame retardant, thermally stable

220 x 185 x 65 mm



4 - 13 mm

12/24/36/48 splices for crimp splice protectors

for up to 4 cable splitters ODS, max. 2x 24 fibers

3 HU / 7 PU for ST, SC, LC adaptors

-40° to +85° C

Telegartner TOC ODB 68

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Splice Version