TNC to N f-f

TNC to N
Item number: 100023866(Old item number J01019A0025)

TNC to N f-f

Technical attributes

Article name

Adapt str TNCf - Nf


TNC (f) / N (f)

Max. Frequency

6 GHz

Return Loss

typ.: 1 GHz: -33 dB; 3 GHz: -30 dB; 6 GHz: -25 dB


≥ 500

Description of the Series/Product Category

Notice: The following information refer to the series/product category as a whole. Please see the specific datasheet for specific technical information of a particular product.

The TNC series is a commonly used coax connector. The same size as BNC connectors, but with a threaded coupling mechanism, this connector can be used up to 11 GHz. Both 50 Ω and 75 Ω impedances are available. Connector styles are available for flexible, conformable and semi-rigid cable types. Versions of the TNC connector are available for mounting to printed circuit boards using both through-hole soldered and through-hole press-fit techniques. Both crimp and clamp cable termination processes are used for this series. Applications for these connectors range from signal and data to video transmission where vibration resistance is required. TNC’s are a low-cost high-frequency solution for coax connections.
Mating face sealing for TNC connectors between plug and jack (mated) according to IP 68. The classifications are general statements for the relevant series. Individual connectors may deviate from the values shown. If in doubt, please consult our engineers.

Mechanical attributes

Recommended coupling torque 0.46 - 0.69 Nm
Durability (Matings) ≥ 500
Material: spring contacts CuBe2; CuNi1Pb1(C97)
Material: outer conductor CuZn39Pb3
Material: other metal parts CuZn39Pb3
Material: insulators PTFE/PE
Material: gaskets Silicone
Finish: Inner conductor Cu1Ni2Au0.8
Finish: Outer conductor Cu2Ni5
Finish: Other metal parts Cu2Ni5

Thermal and climatic attributes

Types with PTFE insulator 40/155/21
Types with PE insulator 40/75/21

Elecrical attributes

Contact resistance inner conductor ≤ 10 mΩ
Contact resistance outer conductor ≤ 2,5 mΩ
Insulation resistance ≥ 5 GΩ
Voltage proof 1.5 kVeff/50 Hz
Impedance 50 Ω/(75 Ω)
Return loss: Straight style (valid for 50 Ω only) ≥ 16.5 dB/11 GHz
Working voltage ≤ 500 Veff/50 Hz
Frequency range up to 11 GHz


Standards IEC 60 169-17
Note :

Combination connectors and cable clamps can be utilised to create a further number of TNC connector variations.