MFP8 Cat.6A, shielded

Item number : 100007453

(Old item number J80026A0003)

STX IP20 RJ45 plug AWG22-26 Cat.6 Class EA black, field assembly

Technical attributes

Article name

CU-CN STXRJ45plg field 22-26 CEA


AWG22-26, pin assignment T568A, T568B and PROFINET, field assembly

Description of the Series/Product Category

Notice: The following information refer to the series/product category as a whole. Please see the specific datasheet for specific technical information of a particular product.

For the assembly of RJ45 patch cords Telegärtner offers RJ45 plugs using no special tools as well as for crimp termination. The RJ45 connectors acc. to IEC 60603-7 are available in several designs. The 8-way Cat.6A MFP8 connector for stranded and solid wire cables can easily be assembled onsite without any special tools. The maximum cable diameter is 9.0 mm. The connector features the T568 A/B or PROFINET pin assignment and a 360º shielding connection. An unshielded version of the 8-way Cat.6A UFP8 connector for stranded AWG27/7-22/7 or solid wire cables AWG24/1-22/1 can easily be assembled onsite without any special tools. The maximum cable diameter is 8.5 mm. The 8-way Cat.6A connector MP8 FS for stranded and solid wire cables completes the product line. Assembled with a crimp tool it offers shielding connection and a wire presorting for easy handling, too. The strain relief pressure is thereby absorbed by the cable jacket. This avoids deformation of wires. 1-part and 2-part cable boots in different colours are available additionally. Suitable crimp tools, one for less frequent usage (> 1.000 operations), the other for professional application (> 10.000 operations) round-off the product range. All connectors are capable for use in multiport-applications such as patch panels, switches, etc.

Performance characteristics

pre-assembled protection cap
robust zinc diecast housing
360° shielding
full metal shielding between pairs of wires
three strain relief settings (cable diameters 5.0 mm to 9.0 mm)
can be assembled in 60 seconds without any special tools
optimised for the field, including demanding applications
secure transmission even with outside interference
four-chamber wire manager (available with colour code T568A or T568B and PROFINET)
suitable for cabling in office buildings, data centers, industrial facilities and home networks
supreme reliability
ideal for network repairs, special lengths and extensions
piercing contacts suitable for solid and stranded conductors

Mechanical attributes

Reusable contacts ≤10 cycles
Cu-Conductor diameter: solid 0.51 - 0.64 mm (AWG24/1-22/1)
Mating Requirements Cu-Conductor diameter: stranded 0.61 - 0.78 mm (AWG24-22/19)
Material: PCB FR4 UL 94 V0
Material: piercing contacts phosphor bronze tinned
Material: shield contact brass, nickel-plated
Material: wire pair presorting PC UL94 V0 white
Material: uplock hook PBT UL94 V0
Material: shielding housing zinc diecast, nickel-plated
Material: cable clamp PBT UL94 V0
Material: protection cap PBT UL94 V0
Core Diameter 0,8 - 1,6 mm
Mating Requirements Cu-Conductor diameter: solid 0.41 - 0.64 mm AWG 26/1 - AWG 22/1
Mating Requirements Cu-Conductor diameter: stranded 0.48 - 0.76 mm AWG 26/7 - AWG 22/7
Insertion force ≤ 30 N
Durability (Matings) ≥ 750
Cable diameter 5.5 - 8.5 mm
Cu-Conductor diameter: stranded 0.48 - 0.76 mm AWG 26/7 - AWG 22/7
Material: contacts Zinnbronze
Material: contacts tin bronze
Material: carrier PA UL94 V0
Material: contact finish min. 0.8 µm Au on 2 µm Ni
Material: connector housing zinc diecast, nickel-plated
Material: shield German silver
Material: contact IDC termination tin bronze
Material: IDC termination finish tin plated

Thermal and climatic attributes

Temperature range [°C] -40/ 85
UL E244889

Elecrical attributes

PoE+ acc to IEEE 802.3at fulfilled

Transmission properties

10 Gigabit Ethernet acc. to IEEE 802.3an fulfilled
Class E^A (Channel) ISO/IEC 11801, DIN EN 50173-1


Generic cabling systems ISO/IEC 11801; EN 50173-1:2007; ISO/IEC 24702; IEC 61918
Custom-designed cabling systems PROFINET Installation Guideline
Connectors IEC 60603-7-51