R-TNC Straight Plug Crimp

Item number : 100027540

(Old item number J01010R0007)

R-TNC Straight Plug G56 (1.8/4.9) crimp/crimp

Technical attributes

Cable group; cable

G56 (1.8/4.9)





a=35, b=13.5



Crimp die


Description of the Series/Product Category

Notice: The following information refer to the series/product category as a whole. Please see the specific datasheet for specific technical information of a particular product.

The term “reverse-polarised connectors” is used where, for example, a standard cable plug has a female centre contact, instead of a male centre contact. Reverse-polarised connectors are mainly used in WLAN applications and are available in three different series: R-SMA connectors are supplied with a threaded coupling, are vibration resistant and can be used up to frequencies of over 6 GHz (depending on type). The impedance is controlled at 50 Ω.
R-TNC connectors are supplied with a threaded coupling, are vibration resistant and can be used up to frequencies of over 6 GHz. The impedance is controlled at 50 Ω.
R-BNC connectors are supplied with a bayonet coupling. Connector designs are available with crimp cable termination. Mating face sealing for series R-SMA and R-TNC between plug and jack (mated) meet IP 68 requirements; series R-BNC meets IP 54 requirements.

Mechanical attributes

Durability (Matings) ≥ 500
Recommended coupling torque R-SMA: 79 - 113 Ncm; R-TNC: 46 - 69 Ncm
Material: spring contacts R-SMA: CuBe2; R-TNC/R-BNC: CuBe2, CuNi1Pb1P(C97)
Material: solid contact parts CuZn39Pb3
Material: crimp ferrule Cu/CuZn39Pb3
Material: serrated lock washer CuSn6
Material: insulators PTFE
Material: gaskets Silicone
Material: outer conductor CuZn39Pb3
Material: other metal parts CuZn39Pb3
Finish: Inner conductor R-SMA: Cu1Ni2Au1.27; R-TNC / R-BNC: Cu1Ni2Au0.8
Finish: Outer conductor R-SMA: NiPAu; R-TNC / R-BNC: Cu2Ni5
Finish: Other metal parts R-SMA: Cu1Ni2Au0.2; R-TNC / R-BNC: Cu2Ni5

Thermal and climatic attributes

Climatic category acc. to IEC 60068 - 1 R-SMA: 55/155/56
Types with PTFE insulator R-TNC / R-BNC: 40/155/21

Elecrical attributes

Impedance 50 Ω
Working voltage R-SMA: ≤ 335 V/50 Hz; R-TNC / R-BNC: ≤ 500 Veff/50 Hz
Contact resistance inner conductor R-SMA: ≤ 3 mΩ; R-TNC: ≤ 10 mΩ; R-BNC: ≤ 20 mΩ
Contact resistance outer conductor R-SMA: ≤2 mΩ; R-TNC: ≤2.5 mΩ; R-BNC: ≤5 mΩ
Insulation resistance ≥ 5 GΩ
Frequency range up to R-BNC: 4 GHz; R-SMA: 6 GHz; R-TNC: 6 GHz