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Network Configurator

With the new network configurator, planners, installers and builders can plan the structured cabling of networks with just a few clicks. So why waste time thumbing through catalogues when you can do it fast and easy online?

Configure networks online:
easily and quickly

Do you want to be able to schedule the structured cabling of a network and search for perfectly coordinated components such as modules/keystones, data outlets, patch panels, mini distributors or patch cords and installation cables, which you can put together according to your individual wishes and needs? Do you want to have all the necessary information shown clearly in a parts list with list prices and offered for downloading after configuration? Then the Telegärtner network configurator is just what you need.

Practice-oriented product selection

screenshot_Netzwerkkonfigurator_basis.jpgThe following information is entered in the basic information screen:
• Connection technology (LSA Plus or module/keystone)
• Distributor type (19" cabinet, electrical distributor, surface mounting or no apartment distributor)
• Installation type (surface mounting or flush mounting)
• Average length of installation cable (default recommendation is 35 m)
• Length of patch cables
The next step is to save the project (top right). It only needs to be saved once and then any subsequent changes will be saved automatically.


Screenshot Netzwerkkonfigurator EtageAn apartment is usually only on one level therefore the user can change from the floors view to the room view at the click of the mouse. The various rooms can then be dragged from the list of room types on the right-hand side and dropped onto the "floor plan" on the left. The rooms are not to scale. It is simply a matter of specifying the main use of the rooms and the corresponding quantity of single and double outlets required. The quantity for each room can be changed at the click of the mouse under "edit selected room". The name of the room can also be changed in this field.

BOM with a mouse click

screenshot_Netzwerkkonfigurator_Stueckliste.gifIf all rooms are available and adapted, the bill of materials (BOM) for these can be created by clicking on the button. As well as the part numbers and descriptions of the required components, the list also includes images and list prices. You can move back and forth between the floor configuration, room configuration and parts list at any time. The parts list is updated automatically and can be printed out as a PDF file or an Excel file and downloaded to your own computer. Specifications in PDF format and tender texts (Word and GAEB) are also available.

... easy

The network configurator
is available around the clock.

... quick

The network configurator is characterised by an easy to understand user interface that guarantees you access to quick network planning.

... user oriented

The network configurator offers you exactly the information
that you need for planning your network.