A new dimension in outdoor cabling components

TOC stands for Telecommunications Outdoor Connectors and offers cabling professionals the reliability and flexi- bility they need for toughest applications.

The handy, easy to install TOC connectors are used for data- and telecommunications in mobile radio, process-, utility- and traffic automation, or security applications but also in the harsh environment of machine and plant engineering. The TOC series is available in nickel-plated brass for RJ45 Cat.6A and FO LC Duplex and MPO/MTP® connectors. Compliance with the specifications of protection class IP68 and due to its excellent material properties, the TOC series can be installed even in harsh conditions within a temperature range from -40° C to 85° C.

To lock, relief of strain and seal the connection, one turning movement is necessary and no further procedures are required. Customers benefit: fast, error free and easy installation, high transmission reliability and resilience and more flexibility in the network design.

Assembly Steps

Slide plug into bulkhead

Slide Plug into bulkhead insert regardless of the connector alignment.


Push housing over plug insert

Push the plug housing over the plug insert.


Lock - Seal - Relief on strain

Screw the plug to the bulkhead - interface is locked, sealed and relieved of strain by one turning movement.


TOC-Series RJ45

The TOC series RJ45 coming with the field-assembly RJ45 plug MFP8 Cat.6A and RJ45 keystone AMJ-S Module Cat.6A is available as a set. They can be attached to solid and stranded conductor cables with cable outer diameter max. 9.5 mm on site without the need for special tools. For line extensions, the TOC Coupler IP68 is your first choice. It can be easily integrated with no negative effects on performance of the connection.


Performance Characteristics

Performance Characteristics TOC-Series RJ45

  • suitable for 10 Gigabit Ethernet acc. to IEEE 802.3an
  • suitable for PoE+ acc. to IEEE 802.3at
  • 360° shielding
  • temperature range: -40° C to +85° C*
  • protection class IP68 acc. to IEC 60529
  • protection cap with protection class IP68


TOC plug set IP68 MFP8 T568B Cat.6A

  • RJ45 plug MFP8 Cat.6A acc.to IEC 60603-7-51 (500 MHz)
  • RJ45 plug MFP8 Cat.6A UL listed (E244889)
  • Cu-conductor: 
    solid: 0.51-0.64 mm (AWG24/1 – AWG22/1)
    stranded: 0.46-0.76 mm (AWG27/7 – AWG22/7)
  • insulation diameter: 1.0-1.6 mm
  • cable out diameter: 4.0 - 9.5 mm

TOC bulkhead set IP68 / TOC bulkhead outlet IP68

  • RJ45 AMJ-S Module Cat.6A acc. to IEC 60603-7-51 (500 MHz)
  • Cu-conductor:
    solid: 0.41-0.64 mm (AWG26/1 – AWG22/1)
    stranded: 0.46-0.76 mm (AWG27/7 – AWG22/7)
  • insulation diameter: 0.9-1.6 mm
  • RJ45 AMJ-S Module Cat.6A UL listed (E244889)


TOC coupler IP68 AMJ coupler K

  • RJ45 AMJ Coupler K acc. to IEC 60603-7-5 (500 MHz)
  • RJ45 jack to RJ45 jack
  • suitable for TOC lug set RJ45 IP68
  • mounting on DIN rail TH35 by means of adaptors (H06000A0056)

TOC-Series LC Duplex / MPO/MTP®

The TOC Series with LC Duplex resp. MPO/MTP® captivates due to its flexibility and ease of installation. Customer can work with pre-terminated cables feed into TOC plug.
By means of the elongated release latch the plugs can be mated & unmated into SFP transceivers or adaptors effortlessly even in confined installation environments. In addition, the several installation positions of SFP transceivers no longer form a problem.
For line extensions, the TOC Coupler IP68 is your first choice. It can be easily integrated with no effective effects on performance of the connection.

Performance Characteristics TOC-Series LC Duplex

  • plug & adaptor acc. to IEC 61754-20 (circonia ceramics)
  • Multimode (PC) & Singlemode (APC) types
  • Insertion Loss:
    plug: Multimode max. 0.4 dB, Singlemode APC max. 0.5 dB
    adaptor: Multimode max. 0.2 dB, Singlemode APC max. 0.5 dB
  • Return Loss:
    plug: Multimode min. 30 dB, Singlemode APC min. 60 dB
  • temperature range: -40° C to +85° C*
  • plug set LC Duplex: single cable diameter: 2.0 mm
    cable outer diameter: 4.0-9.5 mm
  • protection class IP68 acc. to IEC 60529
  • protection cap with protection class IP68

Performance Characteristics TOC-Series MPO/MTP®

  • plug & adaptor acc. to IEC 61755-3-1
  • Multimode (PC) & Singlemode (APC) types
  • Insertion Loss:
    plug: Multimode max. 0.5 dB (typ. 0.2),
    Singlemode APC max. 0.7 dB (typ. 0.25)
  • Return Loss:
    plug: Multimode min. 30 dB, Singlemode APC min. 60 dB
  • temperature range: -40° C to +85° C*
  • plug set MPO/MTP®: single cable diameter: 3.0 mm
    cable outer diameter: 4.0 - 9.5 mm
  • protection class IP68 acc. to IEC 60529
  • protection cap with protection class IP68

TOC IP68 bulkhead outlet

With the TOC bulkhead outlet in protection class IP68, Telegärtner offers a further solution for connecting Ethernet devices under harsh ambient conditions. Protection class IP68 is achieved both on the connector face and at the rear with the cable clamp.

Installation variants

The design enables both installation in control cabinets and wall breakthroughs as well as with the optionally available adapter for surface mounting or TH35 rail mounting. The cable outlet is chosen so that actuation of the connector is ensured also with the help of wrenches. The proven AMJ-S module Cat.6Afor solid and stranded cables AWG26-22/1 and AWG27-22/7 in quick-connection technology serves for connection to installation and patching cables without special tools.


Panel mounting

Mounting bracket for surface mounting

Mounting bracket fot top hat rall

Telegärtner TOC-Serie RJ45 and FO

Download the TOC Series RJ45 and FO brochure now!

Installation environments

The TOC bulkead outlet IP68 with AMJ-S module Cat.6serves for connecting Ethernet devices in harsh ambient conditions in security applications such as outdoor cameras, automation technology (e.g. underground and open cast mining) and also events. The power (53V DC, 30W according to IEEE 802.3at) to the active devices can also be supplied by the twisted pair cables and the RJ45 connection technology from Telegärtner.

The extremely small nickel-plated brass housing and the choice of high quality sealing elements guarantee steady data transmission even under the most extreme conditions. The optionally available protective caps also offer protection of the RJ45 connection technology inside the TOC bulkead outletfor the unplugged state. With the TOC plug, coupling and bulkhead solutions, Telegärtner offers installers and users an end-to-end cabling range for outdoor applications. Adequate cable solutions with PUR, PE, MUD sheaths round off the program.

TOC-FEM Fiber Optic Connection Module for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Telegärtner’s fiber optic connection module TOC-FEM (Fiber Extension Module) connects manufactured fiber optic cables in indoor and outdoor applications. The robust metal housing guarantees a safe and reliable connection, wellprotected from environmental or mechanical hazards. With the flexible seal insert it is the first choice for installing new equipment as well as for retrofit solutions on site.


The versatile TOC-FEM serves many different applications: IP outdoor cameras have to be connected to the building network; machines or plants are moved and have to be reconnected as soon as possible; distributors are relocated and the installed cables have to be extended; wireless and cell network antennas are replaced by a new generation of devices which have to be connected quickly and easily on the pole; cables got damaged and have to be repaired, ... there are nearly unlimited possibilities.
Whether you have to connect outdoor to indoor cables, extend, re-connect or repair existing cables – TOC FEM connects what belongs together.


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TOC-FEM LC Duplex 

Singlemode, ceramic sleeve, IP67



TOC-FEM LC Duplex 

Multimode, ceramic sleeve, IP67




Singlemode and Multimode, IP67

Technical Data

  • Housing: anodized aluminium
  • dimensions: 270 x 32mm
  • Adaptor plate: sheet steel zinc plated
  • cable outer diameter: 4.0 to 9.5 mm
  • Temperature range: -40 to +80° C
  • Protection class: IP67 (for indoor and outdoor applications)

Performance Characteristics

  • for connection of fiber optic cables
  • available with LC Duplex or MPO/MTP® coupler in Single and Multimode
  • for new installations as well as retrofit solutions
  • incl. protective caps

Scope of delivery

  • two-piece housing
  • protection caps
  • FO coupler
  • seal insert 4.0 - 6.5 mm and 6.5 - 9.5 mm