MCX Angle Plug Crimp

Item number : 100024981

(Old item number J01270A0201)

OAD/S 2xSC -

Technical attributes

Cable group; cable

G3 (RG-178B/U)

KX 21A





Crimp die

Description of the Series/Product Category

Notice: The following information refer to the series/product category as a whole. Please see the specific datasheet for specific technical information of a particular product.

The MCX series of miniature connectors utilizes a snap coupling and is suitable for use up to 6 GHz. The impedance is controlled at 50 Ω. Connector designs are available for flexible, conformable and semi-rigid cables. Styles are available for mounting to printed circuit boards using thru-hole soldering, press-fit and surface mount technology (SMT). Solder and crimp techniques are used to terminate this series to cables. Because of their small size, these connectors have applications in small instruments and communication equipment.

Mechanical attributes

Durability (mating cycles): standard type ≥ 100
Durability (mating cycles): MIL type ≥ 500
Engagement/Disengagement 14 N typ.
Matériel: Contacts CuBe2
Material: solid contact parts CuZn39Pb3
Material: crimp ferrule Cu
Material: serrated lock washer CuSn6
Material: insulators PTFE
Finish: Inner conductor Cu1Ni2Au1.27
Finish outer conductor: Gold (standard; last digit ...1) Cu1Ni2Au0.8
Finish outer conductor: MIL gold (last digit ...2) Cu1Ni2Au1.27
Finish outer conductor: Type for printed circuits (last digit ...7) SnPb8
Finish outer conductor: Telealloy (white bronze) (last digit ...8) CuSnZn3
Finish outer conductor: Nickel (last digit ...9) Cu2Ni5
Finish other metal parts: Gold (standard; last digit ...1) Cu2Ni5Au0.2
Finish other metal parts: MIL gold (last digit ...2) Cu1Ni2Au0.8
Finish other metal parts: Nickel (last digit ...9) Cu2Ni5

Thermal and climatic attributes

Climatic category acc. to IEC 60068 - 1 55/155/21

Elecrical attributes

Contact resistance inner conductor ≤ 5 mΩ
Contact resistance outer conductor ≤ 2,5 mΩ
Résistance d'isolation ≥ 1 GΩ
Voltage proof 750 Veff / 50 Hz
Impedance 50 Ω
Return loss: Straight style ≥ 20.0 dB / 1 GHz
Return loss: Angle style ≥ 14.0 dB / 1 GHz
Frequency range up to 6 GHz (CECC 22220)


Standards IEC 61 169-36