MP8, shielded and unshielded

Item number : 100022899

(Old item number H86011A0000)

STX cable boot white

Technical attributes


STX cable boot for STX IP20 RJ45 plug (J80026A0000; J00026A0165)


for cable diameter 5.0 - 7.3 mm



Description of the Series/Product Category

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For the assembly of RJ45 patch cords Telegärtner offers RJ45 plugs using no special tools as well as for crimp termination. The RJ45 connectors acc. to IEC 60603-7 are available in several designs. The 8-way Cat.6A MFP8 connector for stranded and solid wire cables can easily be assembled onsite without any special tools. The maximum cable diameter is 9.0 mm. The connector features the T568 A/B or PROFINET pin assignment and a 360º shielding connection. An unshielded version of the 8-way Cat.6A UFP8 connector for stranded AWG27/7-22/7 or solid wire cables AWG24/1-22/1 can easily be assembled onsite without any special tools. The maximum cable diameter is 8.5 mm. The 8-way Cat.6A connector MP8 FS for stranded and solid wire cables completes the product line. Assembled with a crimp tool it offers shielding connection and a wire presorting for easy handling, too. The strain relief pressure is thereby absorbed by the cable jacket. This avoids deformation of wires. 1-part and 2-part cable boots in different colours are available additionally. Suitable crimp tools, one for less frequent usage (> 1.000 operations), the other for professional application (> 10.000 operations) round-off the product range. All connectors are capable for use in multiport-applications such as patch panels, switches, etc.

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MP8(8) FS Cat.6}
MP8(8) FS Cat.6

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