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Location Japan, Tokyo

Japan Telegärtner Ltd.


Japan Telegärtner Ltd.

Since its foundation in January 1995, Japan Telegärtner Ltd. has been growing with the development of Japan's high-speed internet environment.
To respond to the increasing demand for broadband networks and faster LAN connections, as well as to the sophisticated infrastructure that came with the expansion of FTTH, we have established a sales system that mainly deals with Data and Voice products and Fiber optics connection parts. As the use of mobile phones increases, we are also providing various types of Coaxial connectors for mobile communication base stations and wireless LAN systems.

In order to improve customer satisfaction, we have promoted an attitude of "Quick Response" by which we mean continuously improving our services by providing instant estimates, and instant delivery by securing inventory stock areas in metropolitan areas and consolidating cooperative relationships with agencies. In addition, we offer many customized products and services that are beyond the descriptions of our catalog and WEB information. We are ready to deal with challenging requests including specifications for special environments, next-generation industries, and OEM/ODM. Especially, We have a system that promptly provides products and services for overseas projects through partnership with the headquarters in Germany and companies in the same group.
We promise to try to establish partner relations with our clients, not just by providing products, but also by offering consultations and solutions to the it needs of out clients.


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Location Japan

Japan Telegärtner Ltd.

N-7F, N.E.S.Bldg., 22-14
Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-Ku
Tokyo 150-0031

Tel: +81 3 6455-3210
Fax: +81 3 6455-3212

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