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The compact, installation-friendly 4.3-10 connector series has been developed originally as a coax connector for harsh environments with space constraints. In mobile communication networks, more and more legacy connectors are being replaced by the 4.3-10. The new 4.3-10 MT now offers the benefits of the innovative connector housing also in fiber optic networks. Customers can choose from three different locking mechanisms that all fit to the same MPO/MTP® panel receptacle: Screw, handscrew and push-pull.


Precisely polished MT ferrules ensure the excellent contact of all twelve parallel optical fibers, which is verified by regular interferometer testing. The ferrules are available in the standard physical contact version for multimode fibers and in an 8° angled physical contact version for even better return loss performance with singlemode fibers.
The 4.3-10 MT product portfolio includes pre-terminated fiber optic cables as well as MPO/MTP® panel receptacles which can be combined with standard MPO/MTP® products.


Features and benefits


  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Three connector designs with different locking mechanisms all fit to the same panel receptacle
  • Robust, IP68 rated connector housing for reliable connections in harsh indoor and outdoor environment
  • Extended temperature range from -40 °C to +70°C (depending on the environment)
  • MT ferrule holds 12 multimode or singlemode fibers
  • Fiber polarity type A (1:1), other polarity types also available
  • Highly flexible fiber optic universal cable with an outer diameter of just 6.5 mm for indoor and outdoor use

Telegartner Connector series 4.3-10 MT

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3 connector types - 1 panel receptacle