SAM - Splice Arranged Management System

SAM – Splice Arranged Management System offers the optimal solution in managing fiber optic connections and safekeeping of fiber splices. Usable in diverse LAN- WAN- and MAN-applications in Fiber-to-the-Home and in industrial environments, the SAM splice cassette system plays a key role in passive distribution systems.

The system comprises 2 different cassettes - a Single Circuit design for 4 splice connections and a Single Element design for 12 splice connections, both of which can be used with universal splice retainers for crimp and shrink splicing in a variety of installation areas. The cassettes provide an orderly and safe storage of the splices, and can be combined with each other.

The fold-in feature of the cassettes facilitates installation and offers ideal access to each fiber or to the respective terminal without impacting other fibers or services. In this way the SAM system enables quick and simple network restructuring which reflects significantly in time and cost savings when there is high interchange of terminals.

Technical Data

  • Splice cassette optionally suitable for both crimp and shrink splice protection
  • Can accommodate fiber diameters up to 600 μm
  • Bending radius of 30 mm
  • Space for up to 1.5 m fiber reserve in cassette
  • Cross-over field for re-direction of the fiber handling
  •  Ideally suited for Blow Fiber solutions
  • Snap-in feature of the cassette in opened position for optimal installation
  • Subsequent fiber insertion possible at any time
  • Recess for fitting labeling strip
  • Numbering clips can be attached
  • Perfect transition between cassette and carrier module

FO Splice Cassette Brochure

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