Low Loss Cable

Besides the wide range of RF connectors, Telegärtner also provides a considerable range of suitable coaxial low loss cables. Using this one-stop shopping option at Telegärtner makes your purchasing process even more efficient. The main use of low loss cables are all kinds of wireless applications, especially where RF-signals need to be transmitted between base stations and antennas with lowest loss. Applications may be for example Wireless Local Loop (WLL), (Industrial) WLAN or Professional/Land Mobile Radio (PMR/LMR).


Connector Types for Low Loss Cables

There are generally different ways of connecting connectors to cables: crimping, clamping, soldering or spring-loaded contacts. Telegärtner offers various solutions optimized for different applications.


Crimp Types

  • cost-efficient
  • fast assembly
  • special tools available

Clamp Types

  • watertight IP67
  • suitable for outdoor usage 
  • MIL standard available
  • soldered inner conductor
  • no special tools needed

Field Mount Types

  • fast assembly
  • no special tooling
  • no soldering
  • watertight IP67
  • suitable for outdoor usage
  • detachable/reusable

Panel Mounting Types

  • bulkhead and flange types available
  • crimp and clamp types available
  • bulkhead types with panel sealing

Connectors Portfolio

For an overview of connectors for the various low loss cables, please click on the respective link.


Typical Structure of Low Loss Cables

Benefits of Low Loss Cables compared to RG Types


  • lower insertion loss at same outer diameter
  • excellent return loss values
  • high screening effectiveness
  • outstanding price-value-ratio

Telegärtner Connectors for flexible Low Loss Cables

Overview Connectors and Cables in a brochure for download

Popular Low Loss Cable Types

Cable DescriptionØ Inner conductor [mm]    Ø Dielectric [mm]    Ø Outer conductor [mm]     Outer Ø [mm]    Insertion Loss [dB/100 m]
     1 GHz   2 GHz   3 GHz   4 GHz   5 GHz   
Low Loss 1000.461.522.112.7983120148173194
Low Loss 1950.952.83.45.04057708191
Low Loss 2401.
Low Loss 4002.747.248.210.313.620252932

Further cable sizes on demand and in the catalogue.

For an overview of compatible cable sizes from different manufacturers please have a look in our brochure.