Reliable connectors for extreme conditions

The reliability of mobile communication depends heavily on the antenna system that has to guarantee a reliable transmission of speech and data even under adverse circumstances. Telegärtner has been developing, manufacturing and extensively testing product solutions for mobile communication in its cutting-edge RF laboratory for over 75 years.

Three adapters between the series

Series adapters

No solution can fit everywhere. Applications and devices vary, and so too do connectors. Telegärtner bridges the gap between the various requirements and available connector types with a range of series adapters.

Three RF connectors for mobile radio networks

RF connectors

We are one of the leading manufacturers of RF connectors for mobile networks. With the 7-16, 4.3-10, N, 2.2-5 or NEX10 series coupled with simple but reliable solutions when connecting to cables from 1/4" to 1 5/8", excellent values in passive intermodulation can be achieved.

Three HF surge arresters

RF surge suppressors

We offer a wide range of surge suppressors to protect electronic devices. Built into coaxial transmission lines, they suppress large electrical surges much like the ones that can be generated by lightning strikes in the immediate vicinity.

Jumper and RET cables

Our jumper cables have been tested in the harshest conditions and their outstanding transmission behaviour has been confirmed by the independent testing laboratory TILAB. Our wide range includes all commonly used connector faces in the Cell IQ family (4.3-10, 2.2-5 and 1.5-3.5) as well as 7-16, NEX10 and N. They are available in standard lengths from 0.5 to 10 metres and custom lengths are available on request.

IP67 RET cables are available with AISG and/or D-Sub connectors and with halogen-free, flame-retardant and UV-stable cable sheaths. As they are manufactured to customer specifications, they are available in any length.

Terminating resistors

Terminating resistors are used to consume excess power and prevent reflections such as on unused ports or at the end of a cable. Terminating resistors can also be used to perform diagnostics on transmission lines, e.g. antenna masts. In addition to standard terminating resistors of up to 10 W with a wide range of connector faces, we offer low PIM terminating resistors of up to 200 W for PIM-sensitive applications such as passive DAS.

Fiber to the Antenna

Permanent availability any time, anywhere requires increasingly large data transfer rates. So it’s only logical to connect wireless antenna with fiber optic cables for improved data transmission and lower energy consumption. Multi-fibre solutions make it possible to connect multiple remote radio heads (RRH) to the base station via a single fiber optic cable.

5G Compatible Connectivity Solutions

The new generation of mobile communications enables high data volumes to be transmitted even faster. This means the demands on future mobile networks and the products used are becoming ever higher in terms of performance, reliability and size. To ensure that these can be met – today and in the future – Telegärtner offers a broad product portfolio of compact, high-performance and robust 5G-capable products that work reliably under extreme conditions. These include SIMFix® connectors, adapters, jumper cables, surge suppressors, passive DAS components, indoor antennas and FTTA cables.


Connectivity Solutions

Two TOC RBC connectors


The TOC RBC offers reliable protection against water and dust in applications that involve low mechanical stress. The flexible boot allows for easy cable routing for improved cable management even if limited space is available.


TOC FXC connector


Pluggable transceivers are not made for outdoor use. TOC FXC protects the connection of cables to transceivers and leaves enough space for the LC connector for a reliable connection at the same time.

Two fibre optic connection modules TOC FEM


The fiber optic connection module TOC FEM is the ideal solution for changing outdoor cable to indoor cable as well as extending, separating and reconnecting existing lines or repairing damaged cables. The robust metal housing guarantees a safe and reliable connection, well protected from environmental or mechanical hazards.

Three fibre optic connectors of the 4.3-10 MT series

4.3-10 MT series

Fibre optic connectors for powerful communication networks. Easy-to-install coaxial connectors designed for harsh environments with space constraints.

TOC TDC connector


TOC TDC is the connector type for FTTA and broadband applications. Compact, robust and reliable, TOC TDC is easy to work with even in adverse conditions.

Network coverage in buildings

Coverage is critical when it comes to mobile networks. This goes for all types of architecture, from macrocells to microcells and from small cells to picocells. As the majority of wireless communication takes place inside buildings, guaranteeing transmission even in large buildings such as shopping centres and office complexes is a particular challenge. For this purpose, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance and reliable transmission components as well as intelligent cabling solutions for e.g. Distributed Antenna Systems, Small Cells or WLAN.


DAS components

Telegärtner offers passive DAS components such as power splitters, directional couplers and tappers to maintain wireless coverage inside buildings. The range features a large selection of components that meet the need for a wide range of solutions for the drastically varying conditions of application sites.


Mobile Communications OEM

Modular distribution system HD³-ES

Modular distribution system: HD³-ES

  • A robust, scalable platform for cost-effective fiber and twisted pair expansion
  • The housing accepts modules of half and full height
  • The modules can be inserted from the front and fixed without tools
19" fibre optic patch panel

19" fiber optic patch panel

Many ports in a limited space, yet easy to handle – fiber optic patch panels reflect Telegärtner’s wealth of experience in a dynamic, demanding and developing field. Installers and users alike appreciate the robust design of these reliable patch panels, available in a large variety of standard and customer-specific designs.


The Cell IQ series

Two cable connectors of the 4.3-10 series

The industry standard: 4.3-10

  • 53% smaller than the 7-16 series
  • Extremely variable with the universal jack and three connector versions: screw, hand screw and push-pull
  • Compatible with numerous Semiflex, low-loss and corrugated cables measuring up to 1 5/8" as well as railway-approved cables
Two cable plugs series 2.2-5

Best-in-class: 2.2-5

  • 53% smaller than the 4.3-10 series
  • Same installation dimensions as the TNC series
  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • Screw, hand screw and push-pull-mechanisms available 
  • For applications up to 20 GHz
  • For numerous cables from thin braid cables to 1/2" corrugated cables and railway-approved cables
Two cable connectors of the 1.5-3.5 series

Best size-power-ratio in the market: 1.5-3.5

  • Robust and PIM-stable design in the smallest space
  • 47% smaller than the 2.2-5 series based on the SMA-size
  • Screw and push-pull-mechanisms available 
  • Compatible with cables up to 1/4"
  • Compatible with railway-approved cables

Our custom standard solutions and special solutions

Perfect solutions are usually customised. That’s why we provide custom standard solutions through our configurators that are available round the clock or application solutions that have been developed to your specifications and tailored to your project. The decision is yours – we can advise you and fulfil your order in no time!


Create the right configuration 24/7 for every connector and every application

Image of the TICNET configurator


User-friendly online design of fiber optic pigtails, fiber optic distribution boxes, RJ45 and fiber optic patch cables as well as ready-to-install fiber optic links.



Picture of the coax configurator


Quick and easy online design of individually assembled RF cables including cable protection, labelling and cable length.


Do you have questions about special solutions or do you need technical advice?

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We provide completely customised application solutions that are tailored to your project. Be it special packaging, an entirely new development or small batch sizes, we can advise you and fulfil your order in no time!