The Telegärtner Group

Where connectivity takes place, where data and signals are transmitted and connections are made, that's where we create solutions with almost 700 employees. Connectors are our core competence: With a production of several million units and 11 locations worldwide, we are always the first point of contact for our customers directly on site. As an owner-managed family company, we form the heart of the Telegärtner Group with Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH in Steinenbronn as our corporate headquarters. And we have been doing so successfully for over 75 years.


The Telegärtner brand

Read about the foundations on which the Telegärtner brand is laid and why customers with the strictest high-tech demands insist on products and services of the Telegärtner Group.


The Telegärtner history

Since the company was set up in 1945 by Karl Gärtner it has seen steady growth and has continually expanded its range in response to market demands.


The Telegärtner quality

Find out how Telegärtner permanently unites quality awareness, pursuit of growth, environmental protection and social consciousness.


The Telegärtner engagement

Social responsibility and social commitment are of great importance to Telegärtner. This is because we are of the opinion that doing good connects people. That is why we, together with our employees, are involved in various social projects. It is important to us that we can help where help is needed at both a global and local level.


The Telegärtner Team

We have the bright minds in the Telegärtner team, who work with passion and fun for our customers all over the world - either at our headquarters in Steinenbronn or at one of our locations worldwide.

The Telegärtner subsidiaries

Information about our sites, subsidiaries and partner companies.

Our mission

What drives us and connects us

Our mission statement

Architects of connectivity

The world is growing more connected, digital solutions are the infrastructure of the global economy, and we are one of its srchitects. Wherever there is connectivity, wherever data and signals are transmitted and connections made, Telegärtner is there, working on a solution. Our product portfolio is a relevant component in global networking.

Our customer promise

Full service to meet all your requirements

The companies of the Telegärtner Group give their customers everything that they need to face today's and tomorrow's challenges. This begins with professional consulting on complex technical problems and extends over a wide range of preliminary and end products with no-compromise quality to a comprehensive range of services to accompany the products.

Quality made in Germany

Telegärtner products

  • high quality products
  • 70 years of experience
  • first class resources
  • certified production

Telegärtner services

  • customized solutions
  • maximum customer focus
  • extensive advice and support

Telegärtner customer relations

  • maximum flexibility and transparency
  • flat hierarchical structure
  • short lines of communication
  • worldwide presence

Quality under one roof: Future proof technology – as simple as possible

Telegärtner delivers a wide range of services, intuitive products and solutions and, most importantly, quality made in Germany. 


Cabling systems for planners, installers and users: DataVoice byTelegärtner is a reliable total solution for all structured cabling of office buildings, production sites and machines, long-distance networks, data centres or home networks.


Regardless of whether you need coaxial connectors for high power transmission in the transmitting range, functional components to maintain wireless coverage inside buildings, device-internal miniature connectors for electronic equipment or high-precision connectors for laboratory measuring instruments, Telegärtner always has the right solution to meet your requirements.



Telegärtner Kunststofftechnik brings its comprehensive know-how to bear on complex material combinations, from product development and its in-house tool shop right up to series production, from multi-component injection moulding across in-mould and MID 3D techniques to automation and clean room technologies. This enables Telegärtner Kunststofftechnik to develop optimised industrial solutions. 


Perfect solutions are usually customised. That’s why we provide custom standard solutions through our configurators that are available round the clock or application solutions that have been developed to your specifications and tailored to your project. The decision is yours – we can advise you and fulfil your order in no time! 


Our history

From the bell wire to the fibre optic cable

Since the company was set up in 1945 Telegärtner has seen steady growth and has continually expanded its range in response to market demands.

The company is now one of the top addresses for coaxial connectors, network components, plastic injection mouldings, industrial electronics and cable assembly. But this remarkable development was only possible because the demands of the traditional company have not changed in all these years:"Telegärtner does not just want good quality. Telegärtner wants to be better and supply our customers with excellent solutions with which they can work successfully."

Our quality and environmental policy

As a technologically leading and innovation-driven company, Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH develops and manufactures products which are used all over the world in many different industries and set new standards there. In order to also maintain its pioneering role in future, the company is primarily focusing on compliance with high quality standards and consistent environmental protection. Safety and the avoidance of hazards to people and the environment in all activities is our top priority. Occupational safety and health protection are our commitment.

Our employees clearly demonstrate that topics relating to quality and the environment are more than just vague theory at Telegärtner. They believe that their task is not just to continuously improve quality and environmental performance in economic terms, but more as an obligation which they are willing to fulfil – both at our head office and in our subsidiaries. Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH has therefore consciously decided to place core technologies in specialised subsidiaries which manufacture components, sub-assemblies or end products.

Our OHS Policy

Occupational safety and health protection are our commitment

Safety and the prevention of hazards to people and the environment in all our activities is our top priority. Our aim is to ensure an accident-free and safe environment for our employees, customers, suppliers, visitors and fitters, to protect them from possible risks and dangers and to create awareness so that everyone acts responsibly for themselves and others. Our goal is for all employees to start work feeling safe and for everyone to return home safely every day.



    To this end, we commit ourselves to the following:

    • Compliance with all legal provisions to ensure and promote occupational safety and health protection are a matter of course for us. These are ensured in regular inspections by external experts, ASA meeting and an established idea management.
    • The systematic identification, recording and reduction of possible hazards as well as the identification and implementation of possible improvements are carried out by our occupational safety specialist and the corresponding committees with the involvement of all employees. Particular risks and opportunities are controlled and constantly pursued through our company-wide risk and opportunity management.
    • We take precautions for ergonomic and safe working and provide all employees with the appropriate protective equipment for their work.
    • Our employees receive regular, verifiable and systematic training. We expressly support the training of first aiders and/or fire protection assistants.
    • We provide the necessary people and resources to ensure and improve occupational health and safety and to maintain and promote the health, job satisfaction and performance of our employees.


    Quality policy

    Quality is our obligation

    In order to both satisfy and exceed our customers' expectations, and therefore comply with all legal and other requirements, quality awareness at Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH starts at the management level and includes all employees.

    Customer satisfaction is our goal

    In order to satisfy the high expectations for our products, our quality management system is subjected to continuous and active improvement. This enables us to increase our value-added while also offering our customers high-quality products.


    Improvement is our objective

    In order to promote and increase quality awareness among our employees, we organise our work processes as clearly as possible based on the principle of "Preventing defects is better than remedying them". Our quality management system follows a zero defect strategy and ensures that work processes are improved continuously.


    Partnership is our promise

    Long-term collaborative relationships: this is what we offer our suppliers and what we expect from them. In order to ensure reproducible product quality, our suppliers must satisfy the same quality standards as we do.


    Environmental Policy

    The environmental management system is our tool

    Thanks to the active cooperation of our employees and through our environmental management system in which current changes, expectations and needs in our company environment are considered, we actively help to conserve resources and minimise environmental pollution. In addition, a focus group has been formed to further develop and advance the approaches for continuous improvement of the environmental management system in regular meetings.
    We comply with all legal regulations relating to our company and use the best available and economically feasible technologies. Sustainable resource consumption is supported through the implementation of regular energy audits according to DIN EN 16247-1. Energy consumption is also reviewed continuously in our analysis of environmental aspects and is kept at a low level. We regard digitalisation as an opportunity to make our processes more sustainable, more resource-friendly and more efficient.

    Environmental awareness is our objective

    From the purchase of our raw materials and consumables, and development, design and production through to packing and delivery of our products, we always follow ecological criteria and ensure that environmentally-friendly and recyclable materials are used. We favour suppliers who also attach great importance to environmental protection. Since 2010, we have also been generating some of our energy needs at our headquarters by means of a photovoltaic system and also, since the completion of the extension work in 2016, through a combined heat and power plant. Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH is therefore actively contributing towards environmentally-friendly and resource-conserving production.

    Our environmental target

    We take our commitment to improve our environmental performance seriously and aim to make a sustainable contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, we calculate our Corporate Carbon Footprint according to the GHG Protocol and reduce our GHG emissions for Scope 1 and Scope 2 by 50% relative to turnover by 2030, starting from the base year 2019. Furthermore, we aim to reduce GHG emissions in Scope 3 by 15% by 2030 relative to the base year 2019

    Separated recycling of "old devices"

    Electric and electronic devices that have become waste are called old devices. Owners of such old devices have to bring these to recycling facilities, where these are handled and recorded separately from urban solid waste. Old devices must not end up in the household refuse. In fact they have to be collected in special collecting and recycling systems.


    Possibility for disposal of "old devices"

    Owners of old devices from private households can dispose these at the public waste disposal authorities or bring them to producer or seller related disposal locations. You can find these disposal locations online


    If possible, electric and electronic equipment has to be disposed separately from built-in batteries and / or accumulators.


    Old devices often contain private data, especially appliances from data processing and communication equipment, as smartphones or hard discs. In your own interest, please arrange to eliminate all personal and private data from your disposed equipment.


    As a producer in terms of the German ElektroG we are registered with the German registration authority Stiftung Elektro-Altgeräte-Register (Benno-Strauß-Str. 1, 90763 Fürth), having been granted the following WEEE registration number:


    WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 76541091

    Meaning of the symbol "crossed out waste container"

    The labelled symbol showing the "crossed out waste container“ on electric and electronic equipment indicates that the concerning equipment has to be disposed separately from urban solid waste.


    Social engagement

    Social responsibility and social commitment are of great importance to Telegärtner. This is because we are of the opinion that doing good connects people. That is why we, together with our employees, are involved in various social projects. It is important to us that we can help where help is needed at both a global and local level.


    Matching Gifts

    Doubling of employee donations

    We are proud that our employees also want to do something good on a personal level. This is why we support them and double their donations using company money. For example, over the course of the past football World Cup, employees requested that an internal Telegärtner betting game be set up. 75% of the stakes went to the children’s and youth hospice Regenbogenland. Here, too, the donation was doubled by the Telegärtner donation fund.

    Regional Involvement

    Support for institutions in the region

    Telegärtner is actively involved in regional projects and specifically supports kindergarten projects in Steinenbronn to promote early childhood education. The institutions have been given financial support e.g. to purchase an explorer’s room and motor skills-focused play areas.

    Donation campaign

    "Germany rounds up"

    With the donation campaign “Germany rounds up”, we offer our employees the opportunity to contribute to combating child poverty in Germany. To this end, our employees inform us of their wish to donate in the form of a salary donation. Telegärtner will then manage the administration and the associated costs amounting to 25% of the donation sum.


    WWF project

    "Stop the plastic flood"

    The topic of sustainability plays an important role for us and the protection of nature is very dear to our hearts. Telegärtner therefore wants to contribute to the fight against marine pollution and supports the WWF project “Stop the plastic flood”.


    The Telegärtner wish tree

    Particularly at Christmas, Telegärtner wants to think about those who are not able to fulfil their dreams when they want to.

    This is why we’ll once again be putting up a wish tree at our company headquarters this year. In this way, our staff and management team will be able to put a smile on the faces of 100 children and teenagers from disadvantaged families by making their deepest wishes come true.