Future proof technology – as simple as possible

Telegärtner delivers a wide range of services, intuitive products and solutions. We are passionate about finding the right solutions for our customers. That is why we provide custom project solutions ranging from a single batch to mass production in addition to our quality standard solutions. Taking this pragmatic approach, we want to help our customers achieve their goals and make you a little more future-proof into the bargain.

Network Components

We provide powerful, easy-to-install and extremely reliable solutions for the structured cabling of copper and fibre optic networks for office and residential. However, we also have a specialised range of solutions designed to perform reliably in harsh ambient conditions in the field of robust high-performance networks for Industry 4.0 applications.


Coaxial Components

Regardless of whether you need coaxial connectors for high power transmission in the transmitting range, functional components to maintain wireless coverage inside buildings, device-internal miniature connectors for electronic equipment or high-precision connectors for laboratory measuring instruments, Telegärtner always has the right solution to meet your requirements.


Custom standard solution

Perfect solutions are usually customised. That is why Telegärtner provides custom cable assemblies which suit your project perfectly. Be it individual assemblies for your test phase, smaller or even larger quantities, the delivery times will be short – you can count on it. The electrical and mechanical parameters of special solutions are monitored continuously during the production process. Thanks to our in-house laboratory, every single unit we ship meets your and our strict quality standards.

Custom special solution

Every application has its own requirements, so it is sometimes necessary to adapt individual products or component groups to the specific requirements of the application. With our prototype factory, your solutions are available from a single batch right up to mass production.


Network Components


Building and floor cabling components

A typical feature of modern office networks, besides the constantly increasing number of ever more efficient terminating equipment, is the need for maximum flexibility because work places frequently have to be moved or reorganised. DataVoice Office is a comprehensive range of high-quality connecting components for complete, structured cabling of office buildings for users and installers.


Private and small network cabling components

When it comes to home networks, planners need technicians who are up to standard and users want powerful, reliable components. DataVoice Home provides modular systems, outlets and mini distributors that are all perfectly configured to operate with one another for quick and easy installation of home networks with transfer rates in the gigabytes.


Machine, system and hall cabling components

In harsh industrial environments, cable components are often exposed to dust, moisture, chemicals or extreme temperatures. Nevertheless, they are supposed to guarantee high transfer rates or have certain protection ratings. DataVoice Industry cabling components guarantee reliable factory, machine or system cabling connections while meeting all of the requirements users have to face in an industrial environment: Fibre optic and copper, flange and housing.

Data Center

Data center cabling components

Data centers have always imposed the strictest standards on system components. Telegärtner offers coordinated system components for installation or expansions in data centers so you can meet these standards. Besides multi-mode OM4 and OM5 fibre optic cables, our data center range includes modular RJ45 systems and prefabricated cables.

Coaxial Components

Small RF Connectors


  • reliable and easy to install
  • for flexible, Semiflex and semi-rigid cables
  • for use on circuit boards
  • snap-on, push-on and screw-on connections
  • printed circuit board types are available as solder and press-in types
  • reliable signal transmission
  • quality spring materials


Medium RF Connectors

2.2-5, BNC, RBNC, TNC , R-TNC, Mini-UHF, 1.6-5.6, pH, FME and F

  • for flexible, Semiflex and semi-rigid cables
  • bayonet or screw lock
  • robust and reliable
  • superior build quality
  • vibration-resistant
  • resistant to water spray and dust
  • for indoor and outdoor use

Large RF Connectors

7-16, N, 4.3-10 and UHF

  • waterproof and easy to install
  • flexible corrugated, Semiflex and semi-rigid cables
  • challenging conditions of outdoor applications
  • higher frequencies are transmitted over greater distances
  • manufactured without magnetic materials

Distributed Antenna Systems

DISTRIBUTED ANTENNA SYSTEMS:  For reliable coverage. Everyone wants to be available all the time nowadays. That is why mobile connections have to reach further than the entrance of a building. Comprehensive network coverage is necessary, especially in large buildings – everywhere and at all times.


Coaxial cable by the metre

Our range has the ideal coaxial cable for you, from quality PTFE cables to affordable PE cables, low-loss cables and semi-rigid cables with superior shielding. Your cable is even available as coiled cable in short standard lengths.


Series adapter

Our adapters are also used as connector savers to preserve the test ports of quality measuring instruments. Connector savers screw onto the original port to prevent wear from frequent use. A connector saver is quick and cheap to replace if necessary.


Jumper and RET-Kabel

Our jumper cables have been tested in the harshest conditions and their outstanding transmission behaviour has been confirmed by the independent testing laboratory TILAB. Our wide range of products with IP67 and IP68 protection ratings includes all commonly used connector faces in the Cell IQ family (4.3-10, 2.2-5 and 1.5-3.5) as well as 7-16, NEX10 and N. They are available in standard lengths from 0.5 to 10 metres and custom lengths are available on request.
IP67 RET cables are available with AISG and/or D-Sub connector faces and with halogen-free, flame-retardant and UV-stable cable sheaths. As they are manufactured to customer specifications, they are available in any length.

TestLine: RF products for measuring and testing

TestLine is our comprehensive range of products for various measuring and testing applications. Quality RF test cables with unrivalled attenuation, phase stability and service life are a highlight of this line of products.