Maximum performance for harsh environmental conditions as individual or standard solutions

The amount of data in mobile communication networks is constantly growing. Social media platforms, emails, phone calls, online shopping, mobile applications – new applications are added nearly every day. 
To keep up with this flood of information, mobile communications providers are having more sophisticated antenna systems installed. Antenna systems have evolved from passive components to active devices with electronics of their own. In order to transmit very high data rates over the long distances between base stations and antennas, providers are using Fiber To The Antenna (FTTA) technology. 

Here, electronic components with fiber optic connections are installed near to the antennas or inside of it. Data from and to the base station is transmitted via optical fibers.

Fiber optic connections on cell towers are exposed to very rough environmental conditions: Heat and cold, dust, rain, snow, ice and an ongoing exposure to ultra-violet light demand a great deal of cables and connectors. Telegärtner has added FTTA solutions to its proven portfolio of coax cables and connectors. The pre-terminated cables can be ordered with TOC TDC, TOC FXC, TOC RBC, TOC FEM and of course the proven TOC connector with metal casing. Customer-specific solutions with the same high quality are also available upon request. 

TOC Cables

The connectors are delivered factory-fitted on TOC cables. Whatever you choose, you can rely on Telegärtner’s superior product quality.

Telecommunication Outdoor Connectors

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Protects the connection between cable and receiver - TOC FXC

Pluggable transceivers are not intended for outdoor use.
TOC FXC effectively protects the connection between cable and transceiver and at the same time leaves enough space for the LC connector for a reliable connection.


Fiber Optic Connection Module for Indoor and Outdoor - TOC FEM

The fiber optic connection module­ TOC FEM (Fiber Extension Module) connects assembled fiber optic cables indoors and outdoors. The robust metal housing protects the connection safely and reliably against environmental influences and mechanical loads. The elastic sealing insert makes it suitable for new installations as well as for retrofitting on site.