M12 and M8 Circular Connector

STX M12×1 and M8×1

Whether for baggage inspection at airports, passenger information systems (PIS) or automation systems in process monitoring, the STX M12x1 IP67 connector series is the ideal solution wherever continous cabling of industrial communication networks with the transmission of maximum data rates is required.

Wherever smaller network components, such as sensors, actors or cameras, are used, smaller connector series are required. The STX M8x1 circular connectors with their miniaturized and 30% smaller design are particularly suitable for such space-critical installation situations.

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Learn more about technical features of the M12 connector series.

STX M12x1 product portfolio

Versatile possibilities

An important part of the STX M12x1 connector series are the bulkhead sockets in Cat.6A. They are available as THR or SMD versions. Likewise, the bulkhead sockets are available with housings for front or back mounting and feature versatile mounting possibilities.


For extreme requirements

The basic structure of the Telegärtner connector with X-coding corresponds to the M12 system in worldwide use that has found its way into applications in many different branches with extreme conditions thanks to its compact design and industrial compatibility. The extremely robust M12x1 connector in Cat.6A from the STX programme can be fitted on site without any special tools. The STX M12x1 cable plug and cable socket feature 360° shielding and cover a wide range of wire diameters (0.9 – 1.6 mm) and cable diameters (5.5 – 9 mm).


Totally robust

For the connection between machines or other terminating equipment as well as connection of the machine or terminating equipment to the control cabinet, Telegärtner also offers pre-assembled connecting cables in Cat.6A. The connecting cables M12x1 with X-coding have a S/FTP 4×2×AWG26/7 structure, a PUR jacket and are suitable for an increased temperature range of - 40 °C to + 85 °C. The connecting cables with 90° cable outlet are about 30 % shorter than the connecting cables with straight outlet. This makes them particularly suitable for confined spaces.

From practice

igus® chainflex Profinet and Telegärtner M12

In moving applications, such as fully automated high-bay warehouses or industrial robots, mechanical stresses place tremendous demands on the system cabling. Even the failure of a single component can have serious consequences for work and production processes and lead to considerable costs. The interaction of the igus® chainflex Profinet cable and the Telegärtner M12 connector is the perfect combination for increased fail-safety.

  • Optimally compatible, high-quality components
  • Reliable automation of production and logistics
  • stable electrical readings, even with constant movement

Prescription only

The fully automated storage system of a large German pharmaceutical mail-order company kept failing.
This resulted in huge costs due to:

  • Time-consuming repairs
  • Additional work
  • Delivery delays
  • Customer complaints

The analysis by the igus® and Telegärtner test laboratories revealed:

  • The installed cables could not cope with the mechanical stresses and were quick to fail.
  • The insulation piercing terminals of the existing plugs were not optimised for the large wire diameter, which resulted in contact problems.

Reliability and durability are essential for critical applications within companies. And they are often the number one priority for system builders and users.
The prescription for safeguarding against failure for the pharmaceutical wholesale trade: Optimally compatible, high-quality components, such as the high-performance and linkable chainflex cables from igus®, in combination with the D-coded M12 connectors from Telegärtner.


M12 connector

  • Optimal design. Sufficient assembly space protects against short circuits
  • The IDC insulation piercing terminals are not only designed for one- and seven-wire conductors, as is customary, but also for fine-wire 19-strand conductors
  • Universal wire manager for wire diameters of 0.9 to 1.6 mm to ensure the safe connection of a wide variety of wire and cable types

Profinet cable

  • Guaranteed stable electrical readings, even with constant movement
  • Minimum bending radius of 7.5 x diameter (d) of the e-chain
  • The pressure-extruded inner sheath ensures maximum dynamic range
  • Extremely bend-resistant braided shield with around 90 % optical coverage

Robust in every size

STX M8x1

The extremely small M8 connector is especially fit for smaller terminal devices of the industry, such as sensors, actors or cameras. The robust housing protects the connector against the harsh environmental conditions in the production.

  • Miniaturized design for space-critical installation situations – 30% smaller than M12
  • Shock, vibration and water resistant (IP67)
  • Designed for data rates up to 100 Mbit/s in the PROFINET environment

STX M8x1 product portfolio

M8x1 D-coded Bulkhead Sockets and Plugs Cat.5

The STX M8x1 bulkhead sockets and bulkhead plugs in Cat.5 are availiable as THR version. The portfolio includes bulkhead sockets as well as bulkhead plugs with housings for front and back mounting, covering a wide range of installation options. All products have the same hole pattern.


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STX M8x1 field assembly Cable Plugs and Cable Sockets D-coded

The intelligent wire manager and the simple screwing system enables an easy and fast on site assembly of the M8 connector components.

  • Assembly without any tools
  • Miniaturized design for very tight spaces
  • Multiple shield contacting
  • Shock and vibration resistant thanks to robust design
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STX M8x1 Connecting Cable D-coded

For the connection between machines or other terminating equipment and the connection into the control cabinet, Telegärtner offers pre-assembled connection cables in Cat.5, which can be connected quite easily and without losing time. The M8x1 connection cables with D-coding have an SF/UTP 2×2×AWG22/7 construction, a PUR jacket and are suitable for an increased temperature range from - 40 °C to + 85 °C. They are available in different configurations and lengths for various applications.


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