Flexible cable solutions

Quality cable solutions by Telegärtner deliver the performance, flexibility and reliability that developers and users need for a long, disruption-free service life. Easy-to-install prefabricated and modular solutions for needs-based installation and simple extensions even during system operation are the crucial advantage in terms of cost-effectiveness and investment protection.


Our solution for a faster Internet

Powerful modern devices demand faster and faster data rates, be it for streaming videos and music, IPTV with HDTV, downloading large quantities of data from the Internet, uploading images and videos to the cloud, working in a home office or telemedicine. The possibilities of fibre are almost boundless.

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Fiber optic patch cord

Fully customised: Patch cables (simplex and duplex) are available with identical or different connectors at both ends. Standard lengths from one to ten metres are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch, although custom lengths and configurations to the customer’s specifications are also available.



Fiber optic wall distributor

For custom requirements: The modular wall distributor is fitted and installed based on the specific requirements. Additionally, Telegärtner has a wide range of distributors in various sizes and fitted with various components.



Fiber Termination Box

Custom installation: With the fibre termination box, a modular building distributor, one flat can be connected after another in an apartment building without affecting the connections that are already operational.



Fiber Field Plug

It simply works. Connect on site quickly and easily, no splicer required. Even if space is limited. The index matching gel in the connector guarantees excellent optical transfer speeds for the mechanical splice that will remain stable over the long term.



SAM - Splice Arranged Management

It sounds great: The folding SC and SE splice trays (product 1+2) combined with innovative fibre management make sure that the lines are not affected by retrofits or upgrades, even during live operation.



OAD/F/S outlet

Prefabricated outlets can be installed in living areas exceptionally quickly:
Feed in the cable, screw on the socket, done. No dirt, no noise, no waste. Connection work only has to be carried out on the building distributor.


Discreet and practical: The compact OAD/F outlet can be mounted discreetly on the wall or via junction boxes.




Almost a classic already: The modular OAD/S outlet can be integrated into almost any switch range from a well-known manufacturer.




If the cable is already there: OAD/FS can be connected to pre-existing fibre optic cables and delivers all of the advantages of OAD/F.




Permanent availability any time, anywhere requires increasingly large data transfer rates. So it’s only logical to connect wireless antenna with fiber optic cables for improved data transmission and lower energy consumption. Multi-fiber solutions make it possible to connect multiple remote radio heads (RRH) to the base station via a single fiber optic cable.




The TOC RBC offers reliable protection against water and dust in applications that involve low mechanical stress. The flexible boot allows for easy cable routing for improved cable management even if limited space is available.


Pluggable transceivers are not made for outdoor use. TOC FXC protects the connection of cables to transceivers and leaves enough space for the LC connector for a reliable connection at the same time.


The fiber optic connection module TOC FEM is the ideal solution for changing outdoor cable to indoor cable as well as extending, separating and reconnecting existing lines or repairing damaged cables. The robust metal housing guarantees a safe and reliable connection, well protected from environmental or mechanical hazards.

4.3-10 MT series

Fiber optic connectors for powerful communication networks. Easy-to-install coaxial connectors designed for harsh environments with space constraints.


TOC TDC is the connector type for FTTA and broadband applications. Compact, robust and reliable, TOC TDC is easy to work with even in adverse conditions.