Where connectivity takes place, where data and signals are transmitted and connections are made, that's where we create solutions with almost 700 employees. The headquater of the Telegärtner Group - Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH - is located in Steinebronn near Stuttgart, Germany. In addition to the production and management sites in Germany, Telegärtner also manufactures and assembles at locations in the USA, Great Britain and Slovakia. Worldwide sales are handled by a network of branches, representatives and distributors spanning several countries.

Telegärtner's wide product portfolio includes network components (fiber optic and copper) as well as coaxial connectors for mobile communication, infrastructure cabling and data centers. You can find an overview of our product portfolio here or in our online catalogs.

Telegärtner Inc.

Telegartner Inc, is the US affiliate to the Telegartner Group. Located in the suburb of Franklin Park, IL just outside of Chicago, Telegartner Inc. has enjoyed success in producing and providing connectivity solutions to the North American markets for over 25 years. As part of the Telegärtner Group, Telegärtner Inc. can offer not just coax and multi-wire cables, but overmolded, panel cable assemblies, and enclosure and box build assemblies. With the ISO-certified production facility in the USA, prototypes and series products can be manufactured in the shortest possible time, which reduces delivery times and project timelines. In addition, Telegärtner Inc. employees are available to assist and advise you on site at any time.


Telegärtner brand

Our mission statement

Architects of connectivity

The world is growing more connected, digital solutions are the infrastructure of the global economy, and we are one of its architects. Wherever there is connectivity, wherever data and signals are transmitted and connections made, Telegärtner is there, working on a solution. Our product portfolio is a relevant component in global networking.
We always have the global trends in our sights. We do not stand still. We are constantly developing our products, our processes and ourselves. We work with the best minds in our colleagues and partners.
We are proud of ourselves and our work. We implement flagship projects that justify this pride and that speak for themselves and for us.
We are focused – on our customers and on our technologies and market segments. We think in intelligent solutions and find practical ways to implement them.

Our customer promise

Full service to meet all your requirements

We make future-proof connectivity as simple as possible. We wow our customers with elegant solutions, intuitive handling and effortless customer care. We believe good
technologies should be as user-friendly as it gets. We take a pragmatic approach in helping our customers to achieve their goals. We make work easier for them and their
business that little bit more secure for the future. That’s what Telegärtner stands for – every single one of us. And it’s what we work for every single day.

Telegärtner quality

Our quality and environmental policy

As a technologically leading and innovation-driven company, Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH develops and manufactures products which are used all over the world in many different industries and set new standards there. In order to also maintain its pioneering role in future, the company is primarily focusing on compliance with high quality standards and consistent environmental protection. Safety and the avoidance of hazards to people and the environment in all activities is our top priority. Occupational safety and health protection are our commitment.

Our employees clearly demonstrate that topics relating to quality and the environment are more than just vague theory at Telegärtner. They believe that their task is not just to continuously improve quality and environmental performance in economic terms, but more as an obligation which they are willing to fulfil – both at our head office and in our subsidiaries. Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH has therefore consciously decided to place core technologies in specialised subsidiaries which manufacture components, sub-assemblies or end products.


Improvement is our objective

In order to promote and increase quality awareness among our employees, we organise our work processes as clearly as possible based on the principle of "Preventing defects is better than remedying them". Our quality management system follows a zero defect strategy and ensures that work processes are improved continuously.

Quality policy

Quality is our obligation

In order to both satisfy and exceed our customers' expectations, and therefore comply with all legal and other requirements, quality awareness at Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH starts at the management level and includes all employees.

Customer satisfaction is our goal

In order to satisfy the high expectations for our products, our quality management system is subjected to continuous and active improvement. This enables us to increase our value-added while also offering our customers high-quality products.

Partnership is our promise

Long-term collaborative relationships: this is what we offer our suppliers and what we expect from them. In order to ensure reproducible product quality, our suppliers must satisfy the same quality standards as we do.

Our OHS Policy

Occupational safety and health protection are our commitment

Safety and the prevention of hazards to people and the environment in all our activities is our top priority. Our aim is to ensure an accident-free and safe environment for our employees, customers, suppliers, visitors and fitters, to protect them from possible risks and dangers and to create awareness so that everyone acts responsibly for themselves and others. Our goal is for all employees to start work feeling safe and for everyone to return home safely every day.

To this end, we commit ourselves to the following:

Compliance with all legal provisions to ensure and promote occupational safety and health protection are a matter of course for us. These are ensured in regular inspections by external experts, ASA meeting and an established idea management.

The systematic identification, recording and reduction of possible hazards as well as the identification and implementation of possible improvements are carried out by our occupational safety specialist and the corresponding committees with the involvement of all employees. Particular risks and opportunities are controlled and constantly pursued through our company-wide risk and opportunity management.



We take precautions for ergonomic and safe working and provide all employees with the appropriate protective equipment for their work.

Our employees receive regular, verifiable and systematic training. We expressly support the training of first aiders and/or fire protection assistants.

We provide the necessary people and resources to ensure and improve occupational health and safety and to maintain and promote the health, job satisfaction and performance of our employees.

Environmental Policy

The environmental management system is our tool

Thanks to the active cooperation of our employees and through our environmental management system in which current changes, expectations and needs in our company environment are considered, we actively help to conserve resources and minimise environmental pollution. In addition, a focus group has been formed to further develop and advance the approaches for continuous improvement of the environmental management system in regular meetings.
We comply with all legal regulations relating to our company and use the best available and economically feasible technologies. Sustainable resource consumption is supported through the implementation of regular energy audits according to DIN EN 16247-1. Energy consumption is also reviewed continuously in our analysis of environmental aspects and is kept at a low level. We regard digitalisation as an opportunity to make our processes more sustainable, more resource-friendly and more efficient.

Environmental awareness is our objective

From the purchase of our raw materials and consumables, and development, design and production through to packing and delivery of our products, we always follow ecological criteria and ensure that environmentally-friendly and recyclable materials are used. We favour suppliers who also attach great importance to environmental protection. Since 2010, we have also been generating some of our energy needs at our headquarters by means of a photovoltaic system and also, since the completion of the extension work in 2016, through a combined heat and power plant. Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH is therefore actively contributing towards environmentally-friendly and resource-conserving production.


Our environmental target

We take our commitment to improve our environmental performance seriously and aim to make a sustainable contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, we calculate our Corporate Carbon Footprint according to the GHG Protocol and reduce our GHG emissions for Scope 1 and Scope 2 by 50% relative to turnover by 2030, starting from the base year 2019. Furthermore, we aim to reduce GHG emissions in Scope 3 by 15% by 2030 relative to the base year 2019