Custom is standard for us

The perfect project solution is not always easy to find. We provide completely customised application solutions that are tailored to your project. Be it special packaging or an entirely new development, we can offer advice and work with you to realise the solution. With our prototype factory and in-house laboratory, we can realise and test almost any solution to your specifications in no time.




The prototype factory: You tell us what you need – we will get to work.

We have created a ‘fast lane’ for our customers; a highly efficient, optimised process chain from the customer enquiry to the sample ready to go into mass production. We work to your specifications with a 100% quality guarantee. Our Telegärtner development team, our in-house RF laboratory and our in-house tool shop will work closely with you, the customer, to deliver custom products with cables and/or connectors or in very small quantities in record time.

  • Delivery from a single batch for project configurations
  • Customer-specific development with a sample ready to go into mass production after 14 days 
  • In-house climate testing
  • Tensile strength and pressure measurements 
  • Torque measurements 
  • Higher protection classes 
  • Alternative materials 
  • Custom-made components 
  • Industry-specific specifications 
  • Prefabricated solutions 

Customer-specific developments: DataVoice example

IP68 solutions: TOC outdoor connectors

TOC connectors are used for data transmission and mobile communications, process, system and transport automation and applications in mechanical engineering and plant construction. They are suitable for integration into SFP+ electronic interfaces or as an independent IP68 outlet. All connectors are IP68-compliant and can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C


Your options:

Housing dimensions | Material | 3D data for Design-In | Suitable for SFP+ interface | Customised cable assembly | Quality RJ45 Cat.6A connector and fibre optic solutions

Wall distributors

Wall boxes and splice boxes from Telegärtner are very well suited to transition from multi-fibre universal cables to duplex or breakout cables. All accessories like cable glands, splice cassettes, distribution plates or fibre optic adaptors are combinable as you wish and delivered assembled if requested.


Your options:

Housing dimensions | Assembly (splice cassette and/or distribution panel) | Material / protection class | Fibre optic connector and cable types

Applications for mounting rails

Telegärtner mounting rail distributors are available for either loose-tube, mini-breakout or breakout cables of up to 12 fibres using splice techniques or for fibre optic adaptors using pre-assembled fibre optic links. Fibre optic adaptor types including ST, SC Duplex, SC-RJ, LC Duplex, E2000 and E2000 Compact can be installed in the interchangeable front panel.


Your options:

Type and number of fibre optic connectors and fibre types | Housing dimensions

IP67 outlets

Telegärtner supplies outlets with mounted bulkheads for connecting single devices or complete automation islands. The unbreakable housing of the outlets with protection class IP67 allows for installation right in the manufacturing environment.


Your options:

Housing dimensions | Material | Type and number of flanges | Type and number of cable glands | Flange inserts

Do you have questions about special solutions or do you need technical advice?

We provide completely customised application solutions that are tailored to your project. Be it special packaging, an entirely new development or small batch sizes, we can advise you and fulfil your order in no time! Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail!


Technical advice about copper or fibre optic solutions


Dirk Traeger
Technical Solutions Manager DataVoice
Tel.: +49 (0)7157 125-0


Technical advice about coaxial solutions  


Nick Hester
Sales Manager MCS
Tel.: +49 (0)7157 125 5282