Passive Low-PIM Components
for Distributed Antenna Systems

In-Building Coverage Solutions by Telegärtner


Today we want to be connected everywhere. Therefore, mobile radio connections must not end at the entrance to larger buildings. Especially in large premises, there is a need for comprehensive network coverage for good signals – always and everywhere.

Coverage is one critical requirement for deploying mobile communication networks. This is true for all cell architectures such as macro, micro, small and pico cells. For reaching all users in a cellular network, in-building coverage also needs to be ensure. Especially on the lower floors in large buildings, network availability is limited, if the building is not equipped with a distributed Antenna System. This solution is implemented to achieve optimal coverage and provide maximum capacity in large building.  

Telegärtner offers passive DAS components such as Power Splitters, Couplers or Tappers to support its customers with suitable solutions. A broad range of coaxial RF components is available to cover the need for such products and to meet the heterogeneous requirements of each site. Due to the tendency of higher requirements regarding PIM levels, Telegärtner only offers low-PIM components (≤ -161 dBc) in the standard portfolio. Furthermore, future-proof components for frequencies up to 3.8 GHz are available for 5G applications. Customized solutions are available on demand.