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Cable assembly

Telegärtner assembles cable
according to your part lists
and specifications.

Cable assembly? Best contact Telegärtner. 

Telegärtner offers a cable assembly service according to your parts lists and specifications. Use our online configurators to customise your own configurations – the fast and easy way over the internet.

Telegärtner cable assembly: fast, on time, and quality-approved

Semi-rigid, semi-flex, corrugated sheath, twisted pair and optical cables are assembled in addition to conventional coaxial cables. Whether you require single modules or complete systems, Telegärtner can offer you the support of a specialist who has the necessary know-how and the technical scope.
So, for example, the pigtails, patch cables, adapter cables and patch panels for optical fibre cables assembled by Telegärtner are all inspected for quality and delivered on schedule. The copper connections assembled by Telegärtner guarantee maximum contact stability at all times – both for office and industrial applications. You can always rely on cables assembled by Telegärtner, knowing that you will be supplied with tested and approved solutions which will enable you to work quickly and efficiently.

Telegärtner online configurators: simple, online and user-friendly

Telegärtner has two online configurators specifically for the assembly of optical fibre, HF and RJ45 cables. You can configure the products you require at your convenience online and then send an inquiry to a stockist in your area or place an order with Telegärtner at the same time:

Online configuration of
FO and RJ45 cables

Simple online design of fiber optic pigtails, fiber optic patch panels, RJ45 and FO patch cables, and ready-to-connect fiber optic lines

  • Four different configurators
    for any number of different product combinations
  • Detailed product information
    with illustrations and technical information
  • Clear itemisation
    of all product information including gross list prices
  • Configuration memory
    ffor easy reference or to reorder configurations which you have saved

Online configuration of RF cables

Fast and simple online tool for individual RF cable assembly designs, including cable protection, labelling and length

  • User-friendly input mask
    for fast entry of all the configuration parameters without omitting any vital information followed by a few simple steps to the final configuration
  • Detailed overview
    of all the available cables and connectors which you need for your configuration
  • Specification in PDF format
    clearly summarising your individual configuration – ready to download and print out

Interested in cable pre-assembly?
Just contact us.

Whether you need conventional coax cables or Semi-Rigid, Semi-Flex, Twisted-Pair, FOC or corrugated sheath cables: Telegärtner pre-assembles them all according to your parts lists and specifications. In order to ensure that your inquiry reaches the right address without diversions, please use the form below for your inquiry.