1 BNC Connector. 3 Advantages.

Telegärtner has developed the BNC HD³ EasyGrip series especially for the special requirements of the transmission of HDTV signals in professional applications such as TV studios, broadcast vehicles or even at large events.

  • Specially designed for the transmission of HDTV signals in professional applications
  • High packing density and easy installation without special tools
  • Water and dust protected according to protection class IP67
  • Large "EasyGrip" grip surface for safe and fast mating
  • Safe signal transmission thanks to low contact resistance


The BNC HD³ EasyGrip series conforms to the standards (IEC 61 169-8) and is therefore fully compatible with all conventional 75 Ohm BNC connectors and is characterized by the following features:

  • High Definition: Excellent transmission characteristics up to 3 GHz (Return Loss < -30 dB (typ.) up to 3 GHz)
  • High Density: Special grip features for plugging in and unplugging with high packing density thanks to bayonet sleeves extended conically to the rear.
  • High Durabiltity: Reliable protection against pressure and impact damage thanks to the zinc die-cast housing with integrated bending protection.

Better thought-out:
components of the EasyGrip HD³

The BNC HD³ EasyGrip series is Telegärtner's answer to the special requirements for the transmission of HDTV signals and is characterized by a large number of well thought-out product features:

  • defined contact area
  • robust zinc die-cast housing
  • strain relief
  • Back twist zone
  • larger surface area for gripping connector
  • single-piece outer contact
  • gold-plated centre contact

More Advantageous: Features of the EasyGrip HD³

Telegartner BNC EasyGrip HD³

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Simpler: Assembling the EasyGrip HD³

1. Crimp centre contact onto cable

2. Feed bayonet coupling nut, strain relief and crimp sleev over the cable

3. Crimp the outer conductor

4. Snap-in the bayonet coupling nut

Technical data of the BNC HD³ EasyGrip

Inner contactBrassgold plated
Outer contactBrassnickel-plated
Crimp tubecoppernickel-plated