Telegärtner offers a wide range of surge suppressors for the protection of electronic devices. They are designed for use in coaxial transmission lines to suppress high surge impulses, which are typically generated by lightning strikes in the immediate vicinity. Typical applications for the F surge suppressors is in video monitoring / security systems, in head-end applications and outdoor broadcast vehicles.

The 2.7 GHz F Series gas discharge tube type suppressor functions by di- verting high voltage surges from the centre conductor via the outer conductor to earth. When a defined voltage on the centre conductor of the
coaxial line is exceeded, the gas discharge tube positioned between the inner and outer conductor fires and shorts them. Advantages of this type of suppressor are the high discharge currents (up to 20 kA, 8/20 Impulse), availability with a variety of spark-over voltages from 75 V to 1000 V, and broad-band suitability (d.c. to 2.7 GHz). The gas discharge tube can be replaced during service checks.

F Surge Suppressors 75 Ω

  • Exchangable gas discharge tube
  • Spark-over voltage 230 V
  • Bulkhead type for bulkhead design
  • Earth connection directly to the surge suppressor
  • Panel sealed

Frequency range

0 - 2.7 GHz


75 Ω

Max. Power

25 W

Discharge current

500 x 100 A ((10/1000 μs), 1 x 20 kA;
10 x 15 kA (8/20 μs)

Maiting face

acc. IEC 61169-24

Mating cycles

≥ 500

Operating temperature

-30° C to +100° C

Diagram return loss