The BNC plug connector has been established as a reliable solution for decades. It is used widely in studios and video broadcasting – wherever signals need to be transmitted reliably and efficiently. The new plug connectors of the Mini HD-BNC series should meet the continuously increasing demands on the mechanical and electrical properties such as return loss and robustness.

The user does not need to learn anything new to handle the Mini HD-BNC connector because it has the usual plug mechanism familiar from the standard BNC – the secure bayonet slot with which the plug can be locked reliably.

The new Mini HD-BNC plug requires much less space than its predecessor. It saves more than 40 % of space. For applications in plug panels and patch panels on which many connections are used in matrix form within a limited space, it allows four times the packing density in comparison to the standard BNC. The dimensions and weight of the devices can therefore be reduced considerably.

Telegärtner Mini HD-BNC

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Mini HD BNC connector

Mini HD-BNC Adaptor for Panel Mounting

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f-f; insulating flange

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Adapter BNC to Mini HD BNC

Adaptor BNC to Mini HD-BNC

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Mini HD BNC Unlocking Tool

Mini HD-BNC Mounting tool

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Hand tool for mounting
of Mini HD-BNC plugs