Under the brand name “TestLine”, Telegärtner has developed an extensive portfolio for various test and measurement requirements. The TestLine components can be used in lab and field test and measurements as well as production line testing.

Telegärtner has now substantially expanded the range. With the new TestLine 4LL test cables, measurements up to 40 GHz are now possible. Just like the 5LL types, the 4LL test cables offer exceptional electrical properties and mechanical protection.

In the field of precision adaptors and connectors, Telegärtner offers components for measurements up to 40 GHz. These precision adaptors are types: 2.92 mm, 3.5 mm, SMA and N. For PCB solutions, 2.92 mm and SMA types are offered in End Launch and Edge Mount styles.

Termination loads have been expanded with the 4.3-10 series. Furthermore Telegärtner offers some particular highlights: A Port Saver to protect the sensitive jacks on the equipment and Quick/Push-on Adaptors for secure and quick measurements in short intervals.


TestLine fields of applications

Coax connector in laboratory meter

Lab test and measurement

Applications in the laboratory require a high level of quality and precision. For R&D sites and company labs Telegartner offers solutions for almost every requirement – from high quality measurement cables, through termination loads to precision adaptors.


Manufacturing inspection

Production line testing

For production line testing in factories and production sites, measurements should be carried out quickly and reliably. In harsh environments, mechanical stability, robustness, and longevity without loss in the signal quality are required.


Field measurements on the antenna mast

Field test and measurement

Tests and measurements in the field require resistance to external influences. Also just as crucial are good handling and quick installation in the field.



TestLine components

PCB precision connectors allow tests and measurements to be carried out on PCBs. This can mostly be found in applications in test labs and R&D sites. With Edge Mount and End Launch Telegärtner offers two different mounting options for this area. Edge mount and End launch versions are available for 2.92 mm and SMA types up to 40 GHz and 27 GHz respectively. Compared to the standard versions, precision connectors are designed for precise measurements at high frequencies. End Launch types are also available in the “Quick” model, which allows the connectors to be connected quickly and repeatedly to the PCB.

Three precision adapters

Telegärter has extended its portfolio with high quality precision adaptors, which, depending on the type, can be used in frequency bands up to 40 GHz. They can be used on almost all measuring equipment. All precision adaptors have excellent RF properties and thanks to a stainless steel body, a high number of mating cycles.

Telegärtner offers a range of high quality 2.92 mm, 3.5 mm, SMA and N precision adaptors for test purposes, which can be used for almost every requirement. The TestLine adaptors are specially designed for a high number of mating cycles and have excellent RF properties

The Quick/Push-On adaptors can be used wherever reliable measurements have to be carried out in short intervals. Tests can be carried out more effectively through quicker connecting and disconnecting of the test cable. Quick/Push-On adaptors are mostly used in test labs and also on production lines.

Port savers are used to protect the test ports of expensive test equipment. Swapping out jacks in expensive test equipment is cost-intensive and time-consuming. In order to avoid this, the Telegartner Port Saver is connected to the original port, so that it doesn’t get damaged even when used regularly. The port saver can be replaced quickly and economically when required.

Terminating resistors are connected as loads to an open signal output or to an RF line to avoid reflections. They are available with a characteristic impedance of 50 Ω. The power spectrum of the terminating resistors ranges from 1 W to 625 W, at maximum frequencies of up to 18 GHz. The terminators are used, for example, for open ports in transmitters and for calibrating RF measuring instruments.

In addition to standard terminating resistors, Telegärtner offers low-PIM terminating resistors for power ratings up to 200 W, especially for passive DAS applications.


Telegärtner attenuators are used to attenuate RF signals. Up to a frequency of 6 GHz, a precise signal attenuation of 3, 6, 10 or 20 dB is achieved, depending on the type. The attenuators are used in test and measurement applications as well as in antenna lines (e.g. mobile radio, W-LANs) where the radiated power is to be adjusted to specific values.


TestLine components

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Testline - cables

The TestLine RF Test Cable assemblies have been designed with high specifications regarding attenuation, phase stability and life span for test and measurement purposes.

The connectors, which have been specifically designed for this purpose, have a special connection process for low, stable VSWR as well as a particularly effective cable protection against mechanical stress. In addition the connector bodies and nuts are made from stainless steel, which offers a very high number of mating cycles.

The TestLine cables are therefore perfect for use in lab or production areas, in which a high number of reliable signal tests need to be undertaken. Telegartner offers 2 types: 5LL for measurements up to 18 GHz (SMA, N and 7-16) and 4LL for measurements up to 40 GHz (2.92 mm). Each cable is tested separately and delivered with a test report.

TestLine connector design

TestLine cable construction

Features of TestLine cables

Telegärtner TestLine

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TestLine 5LL measuring cable product image

TestLine 5 LL 18 GHz

The TestLine 5LL cables have been specially designed for test processes with constantly changing test subjects and therefore high mating cycles. The high end test cables show excellent transmission properties for the demanding usage in test labs and production tests.
The specially designed 5LL cables from Telegärtner offer extra strong protection against external stresses. The cable protection is made from a spiral steel wire with an extremely high pressure load of up to 80 kg/5 cm of cable length. Damage to the cable by kinking or crushing is thereby minimized.
Available standard lengths are 600 mm and 1000 mm. Special lengths on request.

Cable protection

TestLine Cables have the option of being fitted with a stainless steel wire coil. This coil protects the cable from mechanical stress up to 80 kg/5 cm of cable. Use of this cable protection is particularly useful in production areas, field tests and also in labs where mechanical stress can’t be ruled out.

    4LL TestLine series measuring cable Product image

    TestLine 4 LL 40 GHz

    The high quality 4LL test and measurement cables from the TestLine Series have been designed for RF measurements up to 40 GHz. Thanks to the specially chosen materials and the excellent workmanship, very good attenuation can be achieved at high frequencies.
    Provided with a solid and stable strain relief, the TestLine 4LL cables are protected at the termination point from high pressure loads.
    4LL test and measurement cables are available in standard lengths of 600 mm, 1000 mm and 1500 mm. Special lengths are available on request.


    Bend protection

    Due to a specially strengthened strain relief, all 4LL test cables are protected against strain due to sharp bends at the termination point.

    Electrical characteristics

    Connector types
    SMA, N special design

    50 Ohm

    Frequency range
    SMA: < 18 GHz; N: Y 11 GHz

    Return loss (typical)
    up to 4GHz: -28 dB
    up to 10 GHz: -24 dB
    up to 18 GHz: -20 dB

    Max. cable attenuation (@40 GHz)
    1,0 dB/m

    Screen effectiveness
    -110 dB max. (@ 1GHz)

    Phase stability (measured after 90° bend)
    < 1,5° @4 GHz - 18 GHz

    Insertion loss (dB/m)
    0,22 @ 1 GHz
    0,41 @ 4 GHz
    0,68 @ 10 GHz
    0,94 @ 18 GHz

    Electrical charactersistics

    Conncctor type
    2,92 mm

    50 Ohm

    Frequency range
    < 40 GHz

    Return loss (typical)
    up to 4 GHz: - 33 dB
    up to 10 GHz: -25 dB
    up to18 GHz: -18 dB
    up to 26 GHz: -18 dB
    up to 40 GHz: -16 dB

    Max. cable attenation (@400 GHz)
    2,4 dB/m

    Screen effectiveness
    -110 dB max.

    Phase stability (measured after 90°bend)
    < 4° @ 40 GHz

    Insertion loss (dB/m)
    0,33 @ 1 GHz
    0,99 @ 6 GHz
    1,12 @ 10 GHz
    1,58 @ 18 GHz
    1,94 @ 26 GHz
    2,48 @ 40 GHz

    Mechanical characteristics

    Cable bending radius 
    > 30 mm

    Cable sheath
    FEP, Ø 5,4 mm

    Connector center contact
    CuZn39Pb3, gold-plated

    Connector outer contact
    Stainless steal

    Coupling nut
    stainless steal

    Plugging cycles
    min. 1000

    Operation temperature
    -55 °C to -110 °C

    Mechanical characteristics

    Cable bending radius
    > 190 mm

    Cable steath
    FEP, Ø 4,2 mm

    Connector center contact
    CuBe, gold-plated

    Connector outer contact
    Stainless steel 

    Coupling nut
    Stainless steel 

    Plugging cycles
    min. 500

    Operation temperature
    -55°C to -135°C