A reliably functioning network requires reliable and high-performance cabling components. Tests and certifications by independent test laboratories regularly attest to the high quality of the Telegärtner product solutions. Planners, installers, and users therefore receive further confirmation from a neutral party that cabling components from Telegärtner reliably comply with the specifications of the relevant standards. This includes, specifically the GHMT PREMIUM Verification Program (GHMT PVP) and GHMT Type Approval. GHMT AG is a DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratory whose certificates are highly recognized in the German-speaking market.


GHMT-tested cabling components offer very high

  • quality
  • reliability
  • safety and security
  • performance

GHMT Type Approval

As part of the GHMT Type Approval, a manufacturer sends product samples to the GHMT, which then verifies the samples comply with the specified standard values.

During the GHMT type approval, both individual components and transmission links, consisting of a cable and the appropriate connection technology at both ends, can be tested.

If the components pass the type test, the certificate is valid for 24 months.


Many Telegärtner product solutions have the GHMT Type Approval. For example, the Category 6A RJ45 modules AMJ-S (shielded) and UMJ-SL (unshielded) as well as numerous links consisting of installation cables and RJ45 modules of Class EA shielded and unshielded as well as Class I for highest data rates including 40 Gigabit Ethernet.

GHMT PREMIUM Verification Program (GHMT PVP)

GHMT PVP certification goes far beyond the requirements of type sample testing and GHMT Type Approval. The cabling components to be tested are only provided by the manufacturer for the initial test. For all subsequent tests, GHMT procures the cabling components to be tested commercially, from a cabling project or from the manufacturer's ongoing series production. The manufacturer has no influence on the origin of the components that GHMT will test.

All tested cabling components must pass the test without exception. So-called "outliers", which could be justified by statistical deviations, are not accepted. The pass/fail result is published on the GHMT website and is freely accessible.

Once the cabling components have passed the tests, GHMT procures further components at irregular intervals and tests them unannounced at least twice per calendar year. This continuous testing ensures that the cabling components always comply with the standard specifications, even after the first test.


If the manufacturer makes changes to the product during series production that affect the transmission performance, they must notify GHMT, and GHMT will then check the modified components. If a manufacturer fails to make such a report, a contractual penalty is due.


Tests according to PVP are only carried out for single components. For example, for a junction box, an RJ45 module, a coupler or a cable, but not for the transmission path, as good components could compensate for poorer components.


There are three different PVP performance classes for fiber optic components: PVP Level 3, PVP Level 2 and PVP level 1. PVP Level 3 is the lowest class and PVP Level 1 is the highest, with requirements that far exceed those specified in the standards. As the requirements for materials and precision increase enormously with each higher performance class, and therefore also increase the manufacturing costs, many companies opt for PVP Level 2 for PVP-certified fiber optic components. Components certified to PVP Level 2 offer outstanding transmission values and cost-effectiveness.


The PVP certificate is only valid for 6 months and must then be renewed. This ensures that the latest components are always tested.


The list of Telegärtner product solutions with GHMT-PVP certification is long. Well-known examples include the AMJ-SL (one of the shortest shielded Category 6A RJ45 modules on the market), S/FTP Category 7A AMJ1400 (AWG22) and AMJ1300 (AWG23) cables, Category 6A RJ45 patch cables and countless fiber optic components such as couplers, pigtails, patch cables, adapter cables, MPO harness cables with eight and twelve fibers, ready-to-connect trunk cables, loose tube cables and patch panels.

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