The new unshielded RJ45 module UMJ-SL

Unshieldes RJ45 module: UMJ-SL

Steinenbronn, 23th November, 2022: Telegärtner’s new UMJ-SL module can be installed in less than 90 seconds without special tools. With an overall length of just 32 millimeters it can be installed even in extremely confined spaces.


The new unshielded UMJ-SL RJ45 module is exceptionally quick and easy to install without elaborate untwisting the wire pairs. Fixing the wire manager, connecting the wires and latching the cable strain relief is all done in one go, the entire assembly is done in less than 90 seconds. As usual with Telegärtner RJ45 modules, there is no need for special tools or a punch-down tool.

With an overall length of just 32 millimeters, the UMJ-SL is particularly short, which comes in handy when it has to be installed in confined spaces like intermediate distributors in suspended ceilings or raised floors, in back boxes, in flat cable ducts and in furniture.

“Anywhere where space is very limited, where low-frequency magnetic fields cause transmission problems, where shielded cabling calls for elaborate grounding or where the budget is tight, the UMJ-SL is the optimum solution”, says Manuel Rupp, Product Manager at Telegärtner. “This extremely short module allows a larger cable bend radius and has excellent transmission parameters.”

The UMJ-SL exceeds the specifications of ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50173 category 6A as well as ANSI/TIA-568.2 category 6A, which is confirmed by the Type Approval of the independent test lab GHMT. The module transmits 10 Gigabit Ethernet as well as Four-Pair Power over Ethernet (4PPoE). Telegärtner‘s unshielded category 6A cabling system of UMJ-SL module, horizontal cable and patch cords is covered by Telegärtner’s 25 years extended system warranty.


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