Different colours for different fiber optic connectors and adaptors make working life easier. Users can identify the fiber type and so they know about the performance of the optical link at a glance. Connectors and adaptors for multimode fibers of category OM4 in practice are preferably used in violet.

The color black for multimode fibers listed in old versions of DIN EN 50173-1 has been omitted in the 2018 version. For this reason, Telegärtner offers the entire portfolio consisting of patch cords, connectors and couplings in shunting and DIN rail distributors as well as FanOut modules for multimode fibers of category OM4 in violet, thus supporting the new market standard for this fiber class. Black versions are still available via the TICNET configurator.

FO Patch Panels

Technical Data

Patch Panel: 
19", 1HU versions Basis V, Basis eco, Profi V, Profi eco

Adapaters, pigtails: 
housing color violet, adaptors mounted, panel pre-loaded with pigtails stripped ready-to-splice

Pigtails stripped ready-to-splice

Mounting Rail Distributors with Splice Cassettes

Technical Data

Mounting Rail Distributor:
ready to install for mounting rails TH35

Adaptors, Pigtails: 
Housing color violet, Adaptors mounted, panel pre-loaded with pigtails stripped ready-to-splice 

Pigtails stripped ready-to-splice


FO Patchcords

Technical Data

The new Uniboot Patch Cords simplify use at high and very high packing densities thanks to their pull- and push-in straps as well as their highly flexible 2 mm cables.

LC Duplex and SC Duplex, Housing color violet

2x G50/125 2,8x5,7mm for LC and SC Duplex; 2x G50/125 2,0mm for LC Duplex Uniboot; cable color: violet

Telegartner Portfolio for OM4

Download the Portfolio for OM4 brochure now!

FanOut Modules

ready to install in 19“ FO module carriers

Adaptors, Pigtails: Housing color violet, Adapters mounted on the front and back MPO/MTP® - SC/LC FanOut Kit pre-installed

Delivery: ready for use


ready to install for wall mounting with IP54

Adaptors, Pigtails: Housing color violet, pre-assembled, adaptors mounted, pigtails stripped ready-to-splice

Delivery: Pigtails stripped ready-to-splice

Modules for FO Distribution System

ready to install in 19“ FO module carriers 3 HU

Adaptors, Pigtails: Housing color violet, Adapters mounted on the front and back MPO/MTP® - SC/LC FanOut Kit pre-installed

Delivery: ready for immediate use