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Important global standards

06.29.2023 | The last issue of this column provided and overview on important American standards for IT cabling. This issue focuses on global standards.

What do red and black connector boots on fiber optic patch cords mean?

07.04.2023 | Fiber optic patch cords with single-fiber connectors often have one connector with a red cable boot and another connector with a black one. What does that mean? Read on to find the answer.


Important european standards

05.22.2023 | With a nearly countless amount of standards available, it is not always easy to keep things in perspective. Please find an overview of important European standards on IT cabling here.


Fiber color codes for fiber sequence

05.25.2023 | Unlike commonly believed, IEC 60304 does NOT specify any fiber sequence. The standard just specifies twelve different colors. The sequence of these colors is specified by other standards which differ from each other.



RJ45-Stecker and SPE

The difference between Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Power over Data Lines (PoDL)

05.22.2023 | Both, PoE and PoDL can power Ethernet devices over data cable. However, the two are not compatible at all – read on to find out why.


Different Types of Testers: Verifier, Qualifier and Certifier

05.22.2023 | What is the difference between a verifier, a qualifier and a certifier? Find out the difference and learn where to use which of them.

Fiber optic cable jacket colors – and why you shouldn’t rely on them

06.29.2023 | There are standadized colors not only for optical fibers but also for the cables that hold them. The benefit of it: One can tell the fiber type that’s inside of the cable at first glance. However, not all cable manufacturers follow the standard.

Important American Standards

06.30.2023 | The last issue of this column provided and overview on important european standards for IT cabling. This issue focuses on American standards.

Barrier Sealing

Impermeability of Coaxial Connectors

09.14.2023 | Impermeability refers to the ability of coaxial connectors to prevent the ingress of moisture, dust, and other contaminants, which can degrade signal quality and compromise the overall system integrity.


White paper “High-performance IT cabling for Schools“

05.22.2023 | The white paper explains planning recommendations and product solutions for robust, future-proof and economic IT cabling in schools – straight-forward and easy to understand.

SC Adaptors

Are there couplings to connect SC and LC fibre optic connectors?

05.19.2023 | Can old SC and new LC plugs be mated in the same adaptor like SC and ST? Read on to find the answer.