1.5-3.5 Straight Plug, solder/solder, Screw Type, G10 (UT-141)

1.5-3.5 Straight Plug
Item number: 100025550(Old item number J01480A0001)

1.5-3.5 Straight Plug, solder/solder, Screw Type, G10 (UT-141)

Technical attributes

Article name

1.5-3.5 Plg S str sd/sd G10

Cable group; cable

G10 (UT-141)

EZ 141
Flexiform 402


Screw Type





Description of the Series/Product Category

Notice: The following information refer to the series/product category as a whole. Please see the specific datasheet for specific technical information of a particular product.

The 1.5-3.5 series enables a robust and PIM stable design in the smallest space. The space requirements for a typical 4 hole flange jack are only either 15 × 9.7 mm or 12.7 × 12.7 mm. Therefore the 1.5-3.5, based on the SMA form factor, requires around 47% less space than the 2.2-5 series and 75 % less space than the 4.3-10 series. Hand in hand with the size and material reduction, there is also a cost and weight reduction, meaning this series is ideal for small cell applications. Despite the small size, low loss cables up to 1/4” can be used.

Mechanical attributes

Finish: Outer conductor Cu2Ag3
Recommended coupling torque 1.5 Nm
Material: gaskets Silicone
Finish: Inner conductor Cu2Ag3
Durability >100
Material: insulators PTFE
Material: spring contacts CuBe2
Finish: Other metal parts CuSnZn3
Material: other metal parts Messing

Thermal and climatic attributes

Tested / classified in accordance with DIN IEC 60068-1 40/85/21

Elecrical attributes

Passive intermodulation<-160 dBc @ 2 x 20 Watt
Power 100 W @ 2 GHz @ 85°C
Return loss Typ.: 1 GHz - 32dB; 2 GHz - 30dB; 6 GHz - 28dB
Working voltage 330 Veff / 50Hz
Frequency range up to bis 6GHz (Standard), 30 GHz (Sonderausführung)
Voltage proof 1,0 kVeff / 50 Hz