2.2-5 Straight Plug, Screw Type, solder/solder, G11 (UT-85)

2.2-5 Straight Plug
Item number: 100025459(Old item number J01460A0005)

2.2-5 Straight Plug, Screw Type, solder/solder, G11 (UT-85)

Technical attributes

Article name

2.2-5 Plg str sd/sd S G11

Cable group; cable

G11 (UT-85)

EZ 86
Flexiform 405 NM


Screw Type




solder/solder, IP68

Description of the Series/Product Category

Notice: The following information refer to the series/product category as a whole. Please see the specific datasheet for specific technical information of a particular product.

The 2.2-5 series enables a robust and PIM stable design in the smallest space. The space requirements for a typical 4 hole flange jack are only 17.4 x 17.4 mm. This is the same as the usual mounting surface for the TNC series. Therefore the 2.2-5 requires around 53 % less space than the 4.3-10 series and 70 % less space than the 7-16 series. Hand in hand with the size and material reduction, there is also a cost and weight reduction, meaning this series is ideal for small cell applications. Despite the small size, relatively thick and therefore low loss cables up to ½” can be used.

Performance characteristics

Space and weight savings due to compact design
Optimized for 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2“ corrugated cables
Very low PIM values independent from torque and coupling mechanism
Contact areas protected from damage even when not mated
Screw, Handscrew and Push Pull options with same jack

Mechanical attributes

Recommended coupling torque 3 Nm
Finish: Outer conductor Cu2Ag3
Material: gaskets Silicone
Life ≥ 100
Material: insulators PTFE
Finish: Inner conductor Cu2Ag5
Finish: Other metal parts CuSnZn3
Material: spring contacts CuZn39Pb3
Material: other metal parts CuZn39Pb3
Material: outer conductor CuZn39Pb3

Thermal and climatic attributes

Operating temperature in °C -40° C...85° C

Elecrical attributes

Power 250W @ 40 °C/150W @ 85 °C (2 GHz)
Passive intermodulation -166 dBc @ 2 x 43 dBm
Return loss 36dB/1GHz; 30dB/4GHz; 25dB/6GHz
Frequency range up to 6 GHz (standard Version);20 GHz
Voltage proof 1.5 kVeff/50 Hz
Impedance 50 Ω


Standards IEC 61169-66