Telegärtner’s Top Components for Effective Data Voice Networks

MFP8 RJ45 Field Plug (Shielded)

The MFP8 plug series enables efficient on-site assembly for all networks, from voice right through to 40 gigabit ethernet. It can be assembled on all standard types of cable in just 60 seconds – and no special tools are required. Whether in the office, data centers, in industry or in-home networks – the MFP8 plug series offers unprecedented flexibility and saves time and money on installation, repairs and maintenance.

AMJ Modules

The optimized and redesigned the AMJ-S module has been updated for very demanding applications that require high reliability in extremely tough environments.The reworked module features outstanding robustness against mechanical and electrical influences. In addition, its transmission characteristics exceed those laid down by the corresponding standard and it thus provides a significantly higher transmission reserve. This is verified several times a year by GHMT, an independent testing laboratory, as part of the Premium Verification Program.It offers even higher headroom and is approved for use with four pair power over ethernet with currents of up to 1,000 milliamperes. Like its predecessor, the new AMJ-S module 2G can be easily connected without special tools. It also has the same dimensions and therefore fits into all patch panels, outlets and module carriers in the Telegärtner AMJ series.

Available in AMJ-S modules, modules Cat.8.1, modules K and coupler K.

M12 Circular Connector

The basic structure of the new Telegärtner connector with X-coding corresponds to the M12 system in world-wide use. The dynamic functionality has found its way into applications in many different branches with extreme conditions thanks to its compact design and industrial compatibility. The extremely robust M12x1 connector in Cat.6A from the STX program can be fitted on-site without any special tools. This assembly-friendly connector also features very good shield contacting and covers a wide range of wire diameters (0.9 – 1.6 mm) and cable diameters (5.5 – 9 mm).

RJ45 Patch Cords

While they are an integral part of high-performance cabling infrastructures, project managers often neglect patch cords when planning for high-speed connections. Many manufacturers can make this same mistake, failing to realize how patch cords contribute to overall connection speed and quality.  However, at Telegärtner, we publish the standards we hold our patch cords to and regularly update the testing to ensure quality products. When planning your build, be sure to account for all the necessary components and utilize Telegärtner’s catalogue to deliver a robust and resilient system

FO Path cords

Our fiber-optic patch cord is a fiber-optic cable capped at either end with connectors that allow it to be rapidly and conveniently connected to CATV, an optical switch or other telecommunication equipment. Its thick layer of protection is used to connect the optical transmitter, receiver and the terminal box. Different colors for different fiber optic connectors and adaptors make installation and maintenance easier. Users can identify the fiber type and know about the performance of the optical link at a glance. So, it’s no wonder that our colorful OM4 multimode fibers have become popular.

FIO Connectors

Optical fiber connectors are used in telephone exchanges, for customer premises wiring and in outside plant applications to connect equipment and cables, or to cross-connect cables. Our FIO Connectors offer multimode ceramic/metal connectors with variations to account for every fiber type and coating. They were designed specifically for harsh conditions with minimal space. Three connector designs with different locking mechanisms all fit the same panel receptacle. Variations are available for screw type, handscrew type and push-pull type.

STX Mounting Rail Distributors

For generic cabling in control cabinets, Telegärtner offers outlets and distributors which can be mounted directly next to one another on the mounting rail. They form the ideal connection between the arriving installation lines and the wiring inside the control cabinet. The components can be quickly and easily mounted on conventional TH35 rails by simply clicking them in place. The new Telegärtner mounting rail solutions serve to supplement a comprehensive line of the STX Industry connector platform concepts, specially developed for employment in harsh environments.

STX Mounting Rail Outlets

The STX mounting rail outlets utilizing STEADYTEC® technology are available in a wide variety of applications (RJ45, USB coupler type A + B, fiber optic adaptors). The use of freely selectable modules can be easily inserted into the housing and provide a high level of flexibility in both component selection as well as in areas of application. The variants designed for fully screened Cat.6A RJ45 jacks and Cat.6 RJ45 couplers are equipped with a functional earth which can be switched on/off during operation. This simplifies fault analyses in the grounding concept while also separating the potentials between the network and the control cabinet. As with all Telegärtner products, you choose the size, we deliver maximum power. For businesses in any industry, the choice to build your datacom and voice infrastructure impacts your daily operations and cannot be overlooked if your organization hopes to be competitive in today’s connected business climate.